In Shinjuku – Coffee and Breakfast and a first blog post

Its Saturday here in Shinjuku Japan. I got in last night. Messed around a bit not understanding how the Shinjuku station Is laid out besides it being huge! I remember that part but what I forgot was that the Subway Lines are in a separate station that one walks to in about 5 minutes. Nice thing, the Shinjuku-Sanchome subway station is one stop down from where my hotel is. I can walk to the subway in 5 minutes and spend about ¥180. Since the stations stops are all announced in English, I have to work harder at getting lost today :-).

Today I’m going to explore Shinjuku including the National Gardens and also around the station. I have to stop at the Yodobashi Camera shop which is actually an electronics store in Shinjuku because somehow I did not pack a microUSB cable for my kindle and camera so will go fix that.

Its still early here and I have a bit of jet lag to get over so will be looking to get some coffee pretty soon here. There is a 7/11 down the street which I can make it to and I think the hotel serves coffee free in the mornings.

After some breakfast and a few free cups of coffee at the hotel, gonna get out of here by 9am. I have a day’s activities kinda planned. I have a few places I want to see here in Tokyo that I have not been to like National Gardens. I charged the camera up last night and I’m ready! Its a beautiful day out today here in Tokyo. Sun is shining and the Saturday morning is waiting.

I am not sure how I will post the reflections on my travels since before the trips were shorter in nature. I’m going to play a bit with how I can do this on WordPress to make the blog flow a bit smoother given I am on the road for the long haul and this is really my first real day. Lets see how the blog can adapt and what I need to do to create something different perhaps in menu and category items or something else.

Stay tuned. This adventure has just begun!

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