Second Day in Tokyo – Shrines and Shopping and Beer oh my!

Second day in Tokyo saw me visit a few places. I wanted to see the Yasukuni War Shrine because I never had before. I also made it to the Akihabara and Ginza for a few reasons. The Akihabara needs to be revisited on a weekday because it was way too busy to really see stuff today. I will probably go back on Tuesday. In the Ginza, I wanted to get there on a Sunday because they block the streets and you see all kinds of interesting people and things. I updated my google photos album with yet more photos so take a look here. I also wanted stop in at the Lion Beer Hall there. Its one of those unique places which a visit to the Ginza should include. Sitting in the Beer Hall is fun because for all intent purposes its a German Beer Hall with pretty good food and drinking songs being played. It gets busy there in the evenings so I wanted to have a few draft Sapporo’s in the afternoon.

I walked about 7 miles today including walking to the Akihabara which was interesting. The streets leading up to it are pretty empty and suddenly you are in this huge electronics zone with the Yodobashi Camera Shop, restaurants, shops, and lots of people. Very interesting transition!

I decided to stay a bit longer in the Ginza because they do block the streets off and you end up seeing some interesting people that patrol or do musical skits or dance or do whatever. They also have chairs and tables so you can sit and eat in the middle of the street that is shut down.

Today was more riding the Tokyo Met subway. Let me just say that the Tokyo Met is a subway folks. This thing is awesome and its pretty hard to get lose or go the wrong way and there is a legion of Kindly workers that will guide you. One agent insured I had a ticket that would work to do a transfer so I could get back to the stop where my hotel is.

Now its evening and I still have a slight buzz from the beer at the Lion. Life is so good though. I don’t know its really registered I don’t have work. I still think about it often. I then Kindly let myself know that is not my concern any longer. The trip to Japan was supposed to burn that out of me by letting me to go to a place my spirit loves. I think its working but I’ve done the work thing so long it will probably take all of the days.

Anyways, tomorrow and Tuesday are it for me in Tokyo. Then I hop the Shinkansen and go at 200 or so down to Hiroshima for 5 days of the same.

Its good times and the weather here has been perfect. Cool and sometimes cold in the morning but up in the high 50s and low 60s during the afternoons. I hope the weather holds here through Wednesday. I have more places I want to see. Really does not matter if it rains or not though.

On to the third day!

First Day in Tokyo – Shinjuku Explorations

So I finished up the day’s walking today. Took a bunch of photos. I spent the day in Shinjuku which always seemed to offer more in the past but I never really had the time to go explore. This time, I walked down there and stopped at the National Gardens and walked through to the Shinjuku Gate. Very nice and peaceful place.

Instead of trying to share photos on WordPress, here’s the link for the album from today. I doubled back a few times to find the Yodobashi Camera Shop so I could get my microUSB cables. Having done that, I walked here and there and saw this and that. Of note, are the small shopping and food alleys which dot Shinjuku. Also a lot of drinking establishments :-).

It was a beautiful spring day out today. Clear skies and people were definitely out and about. Its so nice to be done with work. I just sat in a Starbucks with a large coffee this morning thinking about not working. I worked doing IT Program Management for over 20 years. A mix of good and bad years and good and bad employers and bosses. I’ve done projects from Hell and a few that seemed better. In the end, they all are chaos projects. Probably 90% of them all turned RED immediately which then means you have to get a “get to green” plan.

Not having all that means the whole thing has changed. Work and its issues are gone. If I decide to walk slower or take longer or not return (ever); no one is to question. I also feel honestly that I have finally ended a run at some strange years that started in 2009 when I returned from India. It took 9 years I figure to finally put an end to that chapter. Most of it was living in the SF Bay Area which was not a thing I ever wanted. Being able to pull the plug and leave finally was a rather strange thing.

Now though I have found myself and I’m in Japan :-). So tomorrow there is more exploration. I will probably get to the Ginza tomorrow and stop at a certain Lion Beer Hall and partake. I have not been there since 2010. Also will walk the streets and alleys and neighborhoods. Japan is safe to walk in and I’ve never felt fearful or concerned. There seems to be some kind of mental link for me to this place. When I get back, its like Tokyo or Kyoto asking me,

we were waiting. What took so long?

I never knew. But now I’m back. And tomorrow is another day to go see the places. Yay!