Third day In Tokyo – down the side streets of my desire. All streets lead to Shinjuku

I slowed the pace down today and stopped at this Starbucks for morning coffee and started reading and sipping. I also surreptitiously watched the people come and the people go. After some bit of time and without a pull of the phone and Google Maps, I took the first small street to come my way. You see a different Tokyo when you get off the major thoroughfares and the busy tourist havens. I noticed this back in 2010. You see sleepy neighborhoods, small stores, school kids and day workers wrapped up in their worlds. I loved the small neighborhoods and the construction workers nodding and making sure their vehicles knew I was there. The blocks have the infrequent car and lots more bicycles. I hear kids laughing. I see the ordinary sites through the lens of my Fuji Camera. Somehow those ordinary sites become significant. The reason is that I will never know what is over a street, down a street, across the block. I can only walk where I walk and see what I see.

The skies were a bit darker today but I felt I could finally slow down.  The streets went this way and that and I just followed along.DSCF3944.JPG

I was a captive to their orchestrations. The Fuji took pictures of its own accord and told me to copy them here.DSCF3948.JPG


All streets come to an end I had to cross over the subway tracks or I should say underneath them and I found myself somewhat hilariously back at the same Starbucks I had stopped at originally. Not before I saw this though.


Soon it was back to the city bustle. Another busy day on the streets of this special ward in Tokyo.


After a lunch, the weather turned a bit and I had to put the Fuji away since it started raining with a little more authority. I ducked into a Starbucks and waited some of the storm out and then walked a different way back to my room. It was a great day today and memorable of my last jaunt in Tokyo back in 2010. But then I still had work to get back to and I had responsibilities and accountabilities. I am hoping to have done away with all of those at this point.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Tokyo and I board the Bullet train to go to Hiroshima for 5 days on Wednesday. More adventures to come I would think.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.