Last day in Tokyo – There was more

Today was a great day! It was my last full day walking the city so I decided to visit the Emperor’s Palace first off.DSCF3989.JPG

As you can see it was just beautiful out today but it was cold most of the day so a warmer jacket was nice.DSCF3999.JPG

I toured around the downtown area where the government offices are which is across the street from the palace grounds..

I decided to walk from the downtown area to the Ginza for lunch and go back to the Lion Beerhall for a few beers. It was nice walking there and the skyline in Tokyo is always impressive.


I finally ended up back at the Ginza and walked down to the Lion Beer Hall and had lunch and two Sapporo draft beers. I then hung around the Ginza at one street corner idly snapping pictures of the people and watching the folks pass me by.DSCF4075.JPG

I really enjoy the street photography scene in Tokyo!


Standing in one place and the whole world goes by!

I decided to head on back on the Tokyo Metro subway and I cannot say enough good things about how easy it is to get around the city. Either lost or found, best transit around :-).

Tonight’s the last night here in Tokyo and tomorrow I make my way first to the Tokyo Station after some coffee at Starbucks and then I hang out for an hour or so while waiting for the Nozomi Bullet train to whisk me away to Hirsoshima. I think the Nozomi is the fastest of them. I leave at 1210pm and get in around 4pm. Its a 20 minute hike to my hotel there and I’ll be setup to start exploring a brand new city the following day.

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