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One of the side goals I had when I left the US was to get back to reading more than an hour before bedtime each night. There was no real way while working to pull out the kindle paperwhite and drill down. Too many MS Project and excel and powerpoint files which needed constant attention.

Since that’s all done, I now have time to read. Glorious time to run the battery down on my Kindle, download more books from a collection of hundreds I have collected and buy new ones. I have a few reading habits which are not enforceable at all. I like to read:

  • World history and prehistory. This can be of anything and about anything, any period and any characters. I read recently the Lewis and Clark history by Ambrose which detailed the amazing stories and breakdowns and some disturbing back story about the demons that Lewis traveled with. I like that kind of read for history. It has to bring it all to life and not be dusty chronologies and characters that do not jump across the pages.
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction. Interspersed with the history I like fantasy and science fiction of a lot of kinds. I am now reading Book 3 of the Expanse 7 book set by Corey. I will make it through all 7 at some point :-). But they are engaging reads and you cannot just pick up book 2 and decide to start there. You need to have the history of the characters.
  • Literature, Drama, Suspense. I like all of those but not one after the other. I have to read a variety to come back to books like by Dan Brown. Otherwise I fear I get jaded on the books and have no expectations for a good read from them.
  • Historical Fiction. This has always been a coming back thing for me. I always come back to this genre when the others fail to excite or thrill. Books by Follett and others always get me going and I can sit through longer books that take time to set the characters, their history, their destiny.

You probably wonder what brings this up perhaps. Well glad you asked almost. One of the blog authors I enjoy reading is Howling Books. Catching up on blog posts about books is an exploration for me. I mentioned the type of books I like reading but reading a blog about books really lengthens the experience for me since I also use Goodreads to explore and tap the books I am reading. So thanks to Elaine for the blog! If you don’t read it, I encourage you to subscribe and follow. You don’t have to like the books that another person recommends or writes about but if it fuels discovery and discussion and lets you search for topics that are a well spring for your own literary travels, its all good!

Travel Updates

This is a tweener day for me. I am gonna be in-between Tokyo and Hiroshima starting at noon today. No big time walking and photographs today The Fuji gets a rest. I have to check out of the room at 10am and perhaps propel down to the Marunouchi Subway Line and a Starbucks close. Of course, once I get a coffee, my thoughts naturally gravitate to reading in the Starbucks :-). Starbucks, with its free wifi and no one to chase you out is a cultural universal I believe.

I do want to give a shout out to the Tokyo Metro Subway system. What a ride! The subways criss-cross a huge city with multiple lines and slightly different names of stations. You think that’s confusing? No. Not the way its explained in the stations with the language support they have. Here’s a map of the subway system. I travel with this on the phone but I also have a IOS app which lets me search, tells me fares and transfers on the lines. Very handy.

met map.jpeg

Look at all those lines going all over the place! Its a busy system and you can find more than one way to get to a place you may want to visit. Now imagine all of that super-imposed with maps in english, timely arrivals and departures, and polite conductor and support people. Amazing! Thanks Tokyo Met. You guys rule.

Author: Michael Perry

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