Transit to Hiroshima

Today I took the Nozomi 31 Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Hiroshima in about 4 hours. It was a great trip!


The 31 train whistled us all down and I was able to just watch and be astounded. This is only the third time riding a bullet train and the first time on the SuperExpress Liner.

Just a word about the Tokyo JR station. Well. Its confusing. Signs points in all directions for things. I finally asked a JR help person and she kindly walked me to the gate to use. They seem to do this a lot for me and I appreciate it immensely. I think the Tokyo station though while beautiful and covering a lot of country could be “deconfusillated”.

I got to the Hiroshima Station around 4pm and walked to the hotel in about 15 minutes. Its a really nice place and centrally located. Tomorrow I’ll go out and tour around. Tonight I did laundry in the room and bought some beer and goodies. I guess I will be drinking beer every night for awhile then :-).

Hiroshima is less manic than Tokyo which I really like. I went out and took some evening street shots and I love the little bridges through the city.

I think I am really gonna enjoy my time here. Food is different and will be exploring that more tomorrow. There are some local favorites here I have to try. Tonight I settled for something fast in one of the places. Beef curry extra size with rice! And it was pretty good. I could not figure out how to get the menu machine to give me a beer so by the time I got done messing with it; my food was done. The attendants were laughing and I gave up.

If you want to see the beginnings of my photo album. Here’s the link.


Author: Michael Perry

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