Excellent Day in Hiroshima

I left this morning at about 930am and took the walk kind of the long way to the Hiroshima Castle and park and a historic garden I wished to see. The weather had improved but still was cold and windy but no rain today. Someone told me once not to bother going to Hiroshima because it was depressing. You could not have told with the thousands of people out shopping in the malls today or on the streets. Just goes to show you should never listen to what another says about a place. I’ve found Hiroshima to be less manic, more friendly, easier to navigate yet with lots of history to partake of. Forget about the dropping of the atomic bomb here and how much the city has rebuilt when it was first thought no one could ever rebuild. The city itself is vibrant and fun and kinda funky at times. Most people speak English here so if you are fearing language barriers don’t.

There is a really cool open air mall type thing which goes city blocks here and the intersecting streets all have shops and restaurants as well. Its just a cool representation of shopping and its been here for awhile.

I do think the best thing I did was to get a sim card for data only. If you are gonna choose one get NTT Docomo. Its been rock solid here and you can do the usual stuff with it and I can share out the internet if I need to.

Here’s the required collage of photos from the day today. I had to change batteries today on the camera. Good thing I pack a second and even third battery. I also carry extra memory cards. You never know when one will go south. Its not a big deal here because down the street is a BICcamera which is like Yodabashi sorta kinda I gather. I did not go in because nothing is needed but its really a nice looking store.

I’ve taken to using the WordPress web editor because it integrates a bit with Google Photos so inserting collages from Google Photos is much easier than using something like Ulysses was.

I’m back in the room now and its about 4pm and I’m thinking about a cheapo bowl of noodles at the same place i first wrote about. its cheap and next door and I can get some beer right next to that at the convenience store. Someone blessed convenience stores in Japan because they are just about every block! I really like them when they are right next door to the hotel.

So here its Friday and its been a week of traveling give or take. I figure its gonna take me awhile longer to disconnect from the work thing completely. On Monday I catch the Nozumi Shinkansen to Osaka for 4 days and then I take off for Vietnam. That will be much cheaper. A room for a month there is the same as 5 days here in Japan. But I would never trade. I really wanted Japan on my terms and I wanted to visit places I have not been.



Author: Michael Perry

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