Another day in beautiful Hiroshima and a Few Notes on Blogging

Its Saturday in Hiroshima and I’m spending the morning on the bed with the laptop writing in Ulysses since WiFi seems to be a problem this morning. I could get up an share the network with my iPhone but laziness prohibits me. Today the weather is clear and I’ve had breakfast and a few cups of coffee in the room. Yesterday was a good day but I ended up walking more than I have on this trip yet so after a few beers in the room and a cheap dinner in the noodle place down the street, I collapsed in bed for about 7 hours.

This morning I was reading a few things and noticed that Mikka Luster flipped the switch on a new blog. He and I go back to working at the same company but not at the same time. We were both at Technorati when it created some kind of authority thing on blogs and you could go there and see which blog was in the hundred most popular. I often would see Doc Searls there at the company since I think he was an advisor or something. This was back in the pixie dust days of the tech and the days. I left there and maintained a blog at a few places until ending up here at One way back when was Advogato which is now gone and others included a self-hosted WordPress thing or three, some Drupal things, back to a WordPress thing. I stopped altogether for awhile having felt that the pump had run dry and the blog before had become run down with more personal pursuits since it kind of chronicled my divorce and slow resurgence. Now I have this blog and its been my home for over a year. I figure I have been writing these things since before 2000 or so and I still have doubts about them ;-). Suffice to say I have wandered my way from doing these out of some global desire to have followers, popularity, lots of comments, links, annual blog awards, blogrolls or whatever to a more personal reason. Mainly, I have to do these things. If you never comment or like or follow, I’m good. I’ll just continue here silently doing what I have to do. I’ve tried not doing it and that does not work for me. Maybe I never did them to be in the top 100. Maybe the top 105 and I wanted to be like Mikka or Doc or the other bloggers which have pretty much disappeared when I grew up. Hahaha.

But lets get on with it. I’m gonna painfully transition you to the real thing and not some carefully edited sidetrip down the highways and byways of blogging.

Today in Hiroshima

Lets dwell on today though. I’m going to head to a few more places later today and find yet more stuff to capture on my Fuji X series camera. Peace Park will be visited later today but I’ll take a meandering route to get there so I can see yet a different part of the city.

It was truly a beautiful day today in the city. The weather improved to beautiful blue skies and wonderful weather for walking through the city to the Peace Park area. I took my time in the park because there is so much to see. Its sad but hopeful at the same time when you consider all the rhetoric these days about nuclear weapons. People should have to visit Hiroshima before they talk about how big their buttons are.

Just to reaffirm the positive, look at those blue skies.

The transition to a more frenzied and manic pace can be found by walking a short distance to the shopping malls.

I ended up back at the same Starbucks I have been going to lately after walking with my usual iced caramel macchiato. It seems every city from San Diego and Vancouver to Tokyo and Hiroshima I find a Starbucks to crash down at and relax. Sometimes I go in the mornings for.a tall drip coffee and read.

Key Learnings

Atomic bombs are bad things for all living creatures folks. We should not engage in making them giving them away, finding uses for them. With all the destruction though, I found Hiroshima to be a very vibrant and up beat place. Its like the somber nature is kept at those places and the people enjoy getting out, eating, and seeing what their city has to offer. There are young millennial backpackers here and older folks like me seeing the sights that the city has.

Walking here has been a joy. The city is really made for walking and seeing things. Sidewalks, bridges over busy roads, quiet foot paths by the river. It all creates a highly positive foot tourism equation. I was thinking today its a place I will come back to but I really don’t know. There are so many other places to yet see. I feel in many regards like I was let loose and can now wander the world with no restrictions.

Tomorrow will be an exploration of the many shopping centers and malls. I’d like to wander those, see how busy they get when the people come out for the weather since its most likely going to be as nice as today is.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.