Last day in Hiroshima

Tomorrow at noon I catch the Nozomi Shinkansen to Osaka for 5 days or so. Today I just wanted to see some areas I had not seen in Hiroshima and not focus so much on taking photographs of the places. I did capture a few to finalize my trip. Here’s a few from today.

Tomorrow I catch the train up to Osaka. Another city I have never been in and I’ll spend 4 nights there and basically ramble all over the city and see as much as I can or miss most depending on your outlook. Friday I hustle to the Osaka airport and fly to Hanoi by way of Bangkok. Things will slow down a bit from the rather manic nature of the trip thus far but I am pretty close to booking a 3 day trip to Halong Bay since its an item on my list of places to see.

I have some chores to do this evening like hand wash some laundry, get things in decent shape to be packed up and shower and enjoy the room for one last night which means some beer in the fridge.

Things I learned

From the beginning of this first part of the wandering, I had purposefully set up Japan as a place to go because I wanted to get myself straightened out and not think about work or what I left behind too much. I think that this is going to take longer and the stability of life in Vietnam as far as lodging and time goes will really help. I did learn also you cannot just put work down but you can gracefully let it go and act as a retired dude sometimes. Traveling really helps and wandering like a hobo really, really helps. I know I could never have stayed in the Bay area and had an enjoyable life. I would have continue to work. If not at IT, doing something else and it would have meant up at XX hour, home at YY hour. Where is the enjoyment?

I also learned I really had missed photography and learning more. I had this wonderful camera which is part art and part science and it just sat in the room for some months. Sitting today in Starbucks reading on my Kindle it dawned on me. This is what I wanted for myself. I wanted to be able to do whatever the hell came to me.

Anyways, thanks for following along. Hiroshima was very cool and I really enjoyed the mix of things like very somber and then blocks away funk and fun in the malls and shops. The somber part reminded me that we can never take things for granted with how our current leadership is. We have to remain vigilant and not allow people to believe war is an answer when we don’t even know the question. Like I mentioned, people who think nuclear buttons are cool should have to visit Peace Park and see what could happen.

The fun and funk part just comes from a city which has grown up and out from those other days. If you want a city that has it all and perhaps you have done Tokyo, consider Hiroshima. I’ve had fun here and having a Fuji camera was quite good.

Japan is still beckoning to me and I still have some kind of mental or emotional link to the place.


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