Osaka Castle Confidential

Today was mostly spent at the Osaka Castle wandering there and attempting to go into the castle but the line defeated my patience. So instead, I wandered the grounds and found things of value which I hereby commit to the blog.

The castle was burned down or lightning struck it or other things happened a number of times in its history. Now I think is the 4th or 5th time it has been rebuilt. The castle grounds are a mix of restaurants, gardens, and beautiful walkways It takes some time to see the stuff there. You have to have lunch and a beer and then take off again. Its a very popular spot I believe not only for tourists but artists and locals that were out today appreciating a truly fine spring day. The Sakura were blooming as well and the castle gardens were quite popular. The moats and the keeps are gorgeous and walking throughout the castle area takes some hours so if you go, just go wander the grounds. You don’t need a tour guide. Just get lost and by getting lost you will be found.

Osaka is a city of bridges both old and new. I love bridges. Walking over them is a guide marker to the city itself. Its not only an architectural and city thing. Its an art form in many ways. A bridge signifies a passage and a movement.  This city is big! Wandering around on foot today yielded only one small part seen and I did about 7 miles. I returned to the Starbucks I started it all at this morning for an iced coffee and some people watching. I wondered what I should write about on the blog today as my time draws gets closer to flying to Hanoi. Here’s a few thoughts on Japan.

I went to three places this time in Japan. First off was Tokyo. I’ve been there a number of times but you never really see Tokyo; You see a part of Tokyo that it allows you to see. I have never felt frightened wandering the city at any time. I’ve been out at night still trying to find a subway station or down lonely streets where I hear only dogs barking and the laughs of school children. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in Tokyo.

The second place was Hiroshima. I was told to be prepared to be depressed but I could not find anything depressing about Hiroshima. i feel that the city was born out of the atomic age but has built itself into a fun and funky city that can offer great times along with the more somber moments where those past time were recorded. One can reach a new thing in Hiroshima by simply wandering from the quiet places to the malls and markets and small bars that light up at night.

Finally, there is Osaka but the jury is still out. My first day take is that this place is large and has many places to see. I don’t know that three days will do it justice. That’s what I have though. So, we will see how I get things done and what I feel was left for another visit. I’ve already shared a collage of shots from the first two; but today was Osaka Castle and environs. I really liked it there! A few things I saw captured by my travel buddy the FujiFilm X100F:

It was a fine day out today. A beautiful spring day here in Japan. Wondrous weather, a really interesting city, and fun times. I have two more full days here to explore before flying to Vietnam.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.