Tennoji Station Osaka – getting there a step at a time

Today I walked down from the hotel in a roundabout way to the Tennoji JR and subway station. This is the station on Friday I will go to to catch the Osaka International Airport tram/lightrail and its some station. Its got multiple floors of restaurants, shopping, and lets not forget train and subway action. I walked down a few smaller streets, down one of the shopping malls made up of small vendors with a street covered up. I love that in Japan. Its like a neighborhood mall but I see tourists up and down it as well.

Today I had lunch at McDonalds because I felt like it and then I walked all around the station plus a few classic Buddhist temples and parks along the way. I finished up and decided to return to the hotel up another smaller street. I stopped at one point to get water and rest a moment under some shade. Its really nice weather here. Temperatures are probably high 60s. People watching in Japan is really fun. Street photography is like basic stuff here. Everything you can imagine doing street photography is there on the streets of Osaka. People doing shopping, workers, young people, corporate types, old people, tourists like me. The whole world of candid street photography which is something I like doing enters another universe in Japan.

Today was more walking and less photography but I did take some shots here and there of what I saw. The shopping and stores and people really figure highly being out and about here in Osaka.

Thinking about the sights and sounds as i sit in my hotel room, I would say that Osaka is a city of so many different Osakas. There are the quiet places, the madcap and zany places, the wondrous places, huge JR train stations where the people mob around shopping and eating and traveling. Don’t forget traveling :-). But what I have noticed is that right down the street and its this way throughout Japan the places change with rapidity. You can be at the Shinjuku station but walk a few minutes and be down a quiet shopping street where people sit out and discuss the goods on display.

Young Japanese in the coffee shop I go to are openly friendly and have asked a few times in pretty good English what I am doing in Osaka. They think its cool that people come and experience their city.

A Day to Go

A friend of mine from work emails me every so often and asks how I am doing. It seems she and the other people that sit in nearby cubicles miss me. She was lamenting there is no one that irritates them any longer, plays music right at 4pm, and says stupid stuff. I have to admit to teasing her more than the rest but only because she’s a friend. Being from India, we instantly have things to discuss even though I have not been to the places she called home or worked at. I just seem to get along better with people from Bangalore or Chennai or Mumbai than the states. My take is that they are more loyal friends and will always try to maintain the connections. I think others from my days doing IT reach a half life with people. They want you as a facebook friend only. Before I left only a few people asked to see me or responded when I tried to reach them. I just decided to settle with things before I left and saw the people that came a certain distance or offered to see me.

Now with a day to go before i fly out, the feelings are running pretty high. Hanoi is a long term home for me and I have a feeling that life will be pretty good there. I could book a Halong Bay tour now if I wanted. I’ve seen a few I want to do that start in Hanoi. It will be nice on Friday night or Saturday to unpack and put things away since I will be staying in the long stay hotel for three months. As luck would have it, right across the street is one of the better known brewpubs in Hanoi.

One more day to go here in Osaka. Its been good seeing as many Osakas as I have seen 🙂


Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.