Last day In Osaka – Will need a return trip

I guess if I were to ride a tour bus I would claim some small measure of victory but I don’t. I walk and think and take pictures and then think some more. I think walking is the best tonic for me but yet someone may ask what about this or that major thing you did not see? Fair enough. I did not see major things. I did see other things though and I know this is one of the cities that one visit does not suffice. Much like Tokyo. There are other cities I’ve been to that I’ve known I won’t go back to even if I had the chance. I’ve seen Portland, Eugene, Seattle and loved them. I just don’t feel some pressing need to return. Also San Diego falls there. I liked San Diego a lot but there is not a reason to go back. Many cities I’ve walked in I felt once was enough.

Other cities I realize once is really not enough. I have been to Tokyo many times and I could still go back. I just know its so big and I am but one step in front of the other. Vancouver is that way too. Osaka joins the list. Its a beautiful and really large place and when you walk the steps turns into miles, the miles into hours, and well the days into beers I guess. Now I sit in my room at 4pm and think of flying out tomorrow.

But here’s some stuff until then. A little bite of Osaka for you in a different direction.

Now that my footfalls are in Asia, there are so many places I have not been.

A few things different today. You will notice some black and white snaps in there. I started playing again with the camera. Up until now, things have just been taking the photos. Today I started again learning using the custom film simulation modes on my Fuji camera. Why? Well because they are there and so am I. I love to take black and white photo’s because of the depth of them. I felt less concerned about the quality and more concerned about the learning so I just let things go. I think its one of the things I love the most about the camera. Its fun and you can see the results almost immediately.

But here’s the main thing folks. Tomorrow I fly to Vietnam. That’s a different reality. Its not 5 days here and 3 days there. Its going to be time to unpack and get things organized for three months in Hanoi. I’m really thrilled to have the longer term stays kick in. Its cheaper for me and it means learning more about the places. I’ll leave here tomorrow morning by 8am after some coffee and pastries and catch a subway to the connecting station and then get on the light rail that takes me to the Osaka Airport.


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