Camera Learning Never Stops

I almost stopped doing photography from about December to end of January this year. Work claimed me almost completely and my FujiFilm X100F sat there perhaps patiently waiting as I promised I would get back to it. When March came around, it was time. I left the states for hopefully good and the camera went with. I had things I wanted to capture, places in Japan I only had limited time at. Mostly though I wanted learning. I wanted to start learning again. Now I’m retired and the camera becomes an obsession. I find things to read over dinner or in the room at nights. Here are my current things of learning;

  1. Exposure Compensation and why I would use it. This is one of those things that can affect the quality of the frame you are shooting and you can see the difference immediately. My camera said that an Aperture of 5.6 was good enough but many of my photos were over-exposed. I first thought of turning down the EC a bit. What I came away with this evening is tomorrow I will go play with this and the next one.
  2. Metering and how I was perhaps doing it wrong. I have a feeling that spot metering is not good for me shooting scenes on the streets of Hanoi. I have since switched to Multi Metering and will try that tomorrow on the streets and at the Lake.
  3. Automatic mode and why I may start using it more for street photography. This is a dual edged sword because I don’t feel I learn anything by using the camera in automatic mode. All of the things are decided but if a default is wrong  or the light is not considered correctly, its not so good. So perhaps I need to go back to what I was doing before. I was focusing on each of the program modes on the camera and shooting in them as I could. Since I am here in Vietnam now, practicing is so easy. i just walk out the door of my hotel room basically.

So tomorrow i will go out for some hours again and play with the camera. I will not put it on fully automatic mode because I don’t think learning happens there. i like shooting in Aperture Priority mode because I feel like its the easiest to understand. I will shift though to the next one which is Shutter Priority when I’m good and ready. Fully manual mode is somewhere out there for me. Not today or tomorrow. But given I am in learning mode and I have this whole city to practice in with no work slowing me down, its all possible.

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