Another Direction in Hanoi

I took off today after coffee at Starbucks and did the usual left -> right -> left -> lost thing. I did not check google maps until I saw this lake that looked familiar. I had somehow walked all the way around to a point south of the lake so started feeling like I knew where I was sorta kinda.

I stopped by the lake for awhile and rested and then checked google maps to see how I should head back in a general direction. It was just beautiful out today and being able to get completely lost in Hanoi and just shoot frames of black and white and color with the Fuji camera was most excellent!

Here’s a few shots. I set up the Acros film simulation with specific enhancements to test on this time. I was interested in a burst of depth, better contrast, and shadowing. I don’t think Acros needs those things specifically but it was fun testing and seeing the result over beers later.

I really enjoyed walking today around Hanoi. Its such a variable city. One block the streets are wide open and down a side street are little shops with different types of goods being sold. Food is all over!

Tourist Views

I ended the day at a local cafe and bar with a few Hanoi beers. The place is frequented by the short-term tourists but I like it there because its right by Hoan Kiem Lake. I wonder of those people I saw today how many will strike out on their own to see the city. If all you see is the Old Quarter you miss the other districts like the French Quarter which is south of the lake.

I got pretty convinced that how I decided to live in Hanoi is the right way of doing things. You simply cannot learn a city with a package tour and days all defined. I was thinking today that perhaps these people should have just gone to Singapore or something. I love Singapore but I would always suggest that people start out there. Just heading out to a place like Hanoi or Chennai would be difficult..

Those people then left and I had another beer and decide to just do dinner instead of going back first. Dinner was most excellent and filling and I spent under $5.00 for dinner tonight. Cannot beat the prices to get full and have a beverage too.

I alo decided that over the next week or so I will get back to Ho Chi Minh’s coliseum and also the nearby West Lake district. The following week the Red River and the bridges will be visited.

Then I go to Halong Bay!

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