A wonderful day walking

Here in Hanoi today had no goal and no directions. It was me and the camera and random life calling. Sometimes the steps come as though with no effort. Sweat flows in the warm Vietnam day and small streets converge to big ones. There are life lessons to be learned as you walk. Secrets that are not yielded easily. Whispers that come from the motor scooters and food stands. Can you hear it? It’s a murmur, a brief word. It’s carried on the gossamer wings of between here and there. Because you know you may never walk that path again or even if you do the outcome is different.

Walking a city is learning its depth and heights and moments. No tour bus can give you the same accomplishment as that moment when done and knowing.

There is no direction, no focus and no bearing. There is no wind in your sails. It’s just you and it and then beers after.

A mysterious city that slowly tells you its secrets. But they change tomorrow. So one must go back out and taste that fruit.

Now I sit with that beer reward and consider. Life was good but will it get better? No guarantee in the city of Hanoi. Tomorrow is up for grabs