On the learning trail with the Fuji X Series Camera

For awhile back in the states I kinda stopped learning and using the camera. I just ran out of gas after 14 hour days on a single project that had its issues. I promised myself that once I retired I would begin anew.

The first thing I decided was that I needed to start learning the camera again but I wanted to start with some known qualities. I have always enjoyed good black and white photography and the FujiFilm X100F plus a large number of other Fuji cameras have some excellent film simulation modes to play with or learn with. Learn with and play with :-).

I have over 125 photographs just from today wandering over Hanoi’s French Quarter south of Hoan Kiem Lake trying one set of custom settings. I am going to copy those over to my external drive and will share some but it was so good to get back to learning. The camera is a fun and funky little thing and you can find a baseline thing to try by setting out or looking at others that have done similar. I wanted to find someone that had used the Acros+Red simulation and had some sage advice on what they used. So I found an interesting site by Tom Grill here which shows how he manipulated the Acros+R simulation and got some interesting results. Now I had a baseline to start with.

What I wanted were buildings and sky and I liked the older architecture and style so I headed out this morning with the camera to play. I will share the photos in a subsequent post but the main thing here is getting back to playing. I take photographs for my own enrichment and learning so I keep everything unless its something I have a multiple of. I have a 2tb drive which I am going to start using to record my moments again. I also back everything up to Google Photos.

Now with one day of play under my belt and having sweated most of the day out doing my other goal which is to go over 10k steps each day, I found fun and profit on the trail with the camera.

I don’t think you can have this much fun or at least I cannot with a smartphone camera. I need something which lets me make mistakes, learn, re-apply learning. The Fuji X camera is just so perfect for the novice in me.

Thanks to Fuji for building a fun and funky camera easy to travel with, fun to learn, and a great and able recorder of events. Highly recommend you find a camera if you are so inclined. I can get my steps in each day and feel better plus engage with the outdoor world.