Today around the Hoan Kiem Lake

I spent the day today practicing and experimenting with the custom Acros black and white simulation on my FujiFilm X100F. Everyone, it seems, has some settings so what I do is take some as a baseline and head out for the day shooting with them. I get back to my hotel room and start looking and seeing what I like and don’t like. I have to admit the Acros Standard settings are pretty damned good. You can add in some enhancements to create a gentle S curve if you want and I liked doing that as well.

It was cloudy this afternoon and I was a bit lazy so its the first time I did not do 10k steps in a day. I did manage to take a bunch of test images to try to refine what my settings should be. I think I have a pretty good baseline now. I just need to get better judging things like lighting, clouds, when to change things up a bit.


My main goal is to find a set of settings for black and white which are my go to settings on the Fuji camera. From there, I can create custom settings I save and then apply quite easily. I think I have a pretty good starting point now.

On Wednesday next week, I leave for Halong Bay for three days. That’s gonna be really cool! Tomorrow I may walk over to Hi Chi Minh’s mausoleum area again and see things. Last time I went was a Friday an it was closed. Since I’m into my second month in Hanoi now, I have tours or trips every few weeks to do. The Halong Bay tour comes next week. About two weeks after I go to Hoi An for 4 days.

Its interesting to live in a place like Hanoi for longer. It kinda makes you slow down and not feel like you have to rush each thing like if you are only here for a week. Its a slower pace of things and Hanoi is a great city to slow down in. Tomorrow is Sunday and I’ll probably not leave the hotel until about noon. I have gotten past some of the work habits like having to wake up each day by 550am to get to work on time. Its hard to completely shake the feel of the meetings and calls though. To go from always on to I can wait until tomorrow is a thing that is gonna take practice.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.