North to West Lake Today

I had decided to walk up to West Lake today to take in an area or two I did not believe I had seen. I got turned around this way and that and did end up there but saw so many other things on the way, that I am not sure I made it to where I wanted to go. So I just substituted the area I was in and walked over to the Lake itself from the Hanoi Water Tower. Its an interesting area with high rises, sleepy streets, large stores, and then the lake parts I saw. Its more of a high class tourist area I think so the hotels and restaurants and shops cater to the tourists staying at the bigger and better hotels around the lake.

Its a great walk though from Hoan Kiem. It takes about 30 minutes walking to get there and you get to see a bunch of stuff that transitions you out of the old quarter and then opens up wider streets and a variety of sights to capture on the camera. There are government buildings, hotels, a lot of people as usual doing things and coffee shops. Man I have never seen so many coffee shops.

I toured around the southern part of the lake. If you don’t know, West Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Hanoi and its huge. I would not really try to walk around it unless I was staying up there I think so I tackle pieces of it I want to see now and again.

Here’s some photos from the day today. A wonderful day of finding and losing and then finding a great beer place and some Pho where that was the only thing on the menu. Boy, did it taste good since it was kinda rainy off and on through the day. Now I’m back in the room and my feet are tired and perhaps I shall beer again!

All in all a great day for wandering the city, finding a new place to partake of the beer and a Pho place where that’s all they do.

Hanoi is really a fun place to hunker down in and live. I was talking to the guy that worked at the brewpub who had the same thoughts. I’m so glad I am able to stay here longer and really get around and see the city.

I was thinking how fortunate I am sitting over my beer and watching Hanoi wind up for the evening. I guess years ago I never could see this happening. Life was so concentrated in work and the remaining pieces of a disintegrating family life where kids were not kids and work was just about it all. I feel I gave the work all I had but there in the end by December of 2017 the tank was running on fumes. I was simply tired of the high risk projects even with bonuses and awards and nicely written commendation.

I guess it still amazing that I was able to leave and first do Japan and now be settled in to Hanoi with days of walking behind and ahead of me.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.