One other note…

I am not satisfied or happy with how the accounts and storage space are computed on There is no way to upgrade storage only and I have raised a support question. I will not upgrade to a business account to pay for a storage upgrade. Photo’s take a lot of room and yet there is no way to share photos with google photos which is my chosen photo management utility since it has applications and easy sharing to facebook, twitter, and google plus. I don’t like just posting links.

If I do not see a path by December to upgrade the storage, I will be forced to leave for . self-hosted solution on DigitalOcean. I mention this because has no real plan on upgrading storage only while keeping us on the same overall plan. That’s not good if you write a lot, upload lots of images, etc.

I won’t do a business plan for my blog so by December I view the time and space I have to be dwindling to a point where I have to make a choice. I’m calling on you WordPress to make storage available by itself so we can upgrade as we need. Capturing and sharing photographs is a primary thing I like to do. I have no qualms about downloading my backup/export file and moving to DigitalOcean and installing wordpress from scratch. I don’t really want to leave the wonderful community here and I enjoy reading all of your blogs. WordPress is not supporting those of us who are photographers or image editors whatsoever though.

I’ll wait and see and then comment on this post when I hear something. I want to continue sharing my travels here but I won’t just hop and skip through different plans. Storage should be a cheap upgrade without changing the plan itself.


Hi all. I have a few options on which I don’t believe will work. I can upload my photos to another site like flickr. I take on the average of 100 photos a day and I only share a few out of concern of storage space. Then I would have to consider what my cost would be to upgrade to the business plan. That would be almost twice the cost and I would then have features I would never use.

So, long story short; is not going to work after about December when I reach about 70% of available space. I am going to migrate the domain to a self-hosted installation on a cloud provider by end of the year instead of renewing my account.

When I first started the blog here on, it seemed then it would be a great deal for me to ease back into blogging. What has happened is that now I am traveling with new demands especially for sharing photography. I could see uploading 20 to 50 photographs a day from my camera and sharing. At that rate, 13gb of space will go rather quickly but 80gb of data will last me awhile and then I can simply buy more storage.

I think for the  majority of people that the personal account is good if you share a few things every so often. I’ve faced the same issue before with hosted providers and have stopped at one place and then moved to another. I really like the community here but the travel and the photographs have demands that I don’t mind paying for if there is a path to pay for it.

I can re-point the domain to my own registrar at google domains pretty easily and then bring up wordpress. You may never run into issues but I have plans for this blog in serving up my photography on a daily basis.

Thanks to you all for following me and reading along as I go through Asia slowly. I have some months before moving things but now I know there is not a path forward at besides buying the business service for which I would only use the storage.


Rainy Day in Hanoi Today

I went this morning to the Mint Coffee Shop because its filled with really nice people that like to talk to me each morning about my activities. One of the waitresses knows what I want so she always asks me “the same?” She comes over and does the innocent flirtation thing which I really love. She is like so many of the people I have met.

Yesterday after walking and giving my Fuji Camera some exercise, I ended up back at Hoan Kiem Lake. As I sat there, a boy in the 6th grade came up to see if I would talk to him. An amazing exchange then occurred. He spoke just about flawless english, understood the abstract stuff which can be difficult, and teased me about his ability to fly and do magic like a warlock. We talked music, Hanoi, shopping, eating, his favorite things a few times. His mom sat their quietly smiling as we talked. After over an hour we ran out of steam and just sat there quietly. He turned to me and said,

I just got back to the bench. I was sitting up in that tree for awhile

He laughed and told me he again he had magical abilities. Like learning to speak english since the first grade.

To Today…

Today after coffee I could tell that the weather would turn but I left anyways and got soaked. But happy. The cool rain knocked degrees off the temperatures and the kids reminded me of those children in Chennai when it rained. Suddenly in shorts and t-shirts they would come out and play because it was wet and cool and they were kids. Here people still do their daily chores. Some seek refuge in the million and one coffee shops. I did not. I just got wet and felt good. I walked down streets, turned left and right, got lost and finally ended up at this other lake which has become a landmark of sorts for me. Much like the historic water tank, I know how to get back when I start seeing the buildings around that lake. The sky darkened quite a bit so I headed generally back and took a lot less photographs.

Here’s a few from the day out.

Still an amazing day out! I’ve come to realize in every place I go that the rain brings out a certain mysterious and other worldly character to being out and seeing things. Building lights turn darker and the streets of Hanoi suddenly have tarps and huge umbrellas. The coffee shops are inviting and the people gather. The government buildings look darker and the skyscrapers are brushing the low clouds.

Just yesterday it was a beautiful day to wander. Today was no different. Beauty can be a host of things in Hanoi. Rain and clouds are one element. The beneficial part is the temperatures and humidity go down and the coolness sets in. Rain soon falls most of the times at a gentle but continuous pace that will render you wet. At least me it does.

But I’m happy! Clothes can dry out and having some time in the room to read and consider things is good! I’ll go out later and get a bowl of Pho I think down the street. Its tastes superlative on a rainy day!