Walking to the Beat in Hanoi

North to Long Bien Bridge I heard the voices say over coffee this morning. I wandered over to Starbucks and sat for awhile over a coffee and blueberry muffin and read for a bit on the kindle. There was no rush to starting because I had the day in front of me. A day to spend in the solitary pursuit of walking the beautiful and mysterious city of Hanoi. Its a city of many cities you see. There is the tourist Mecca around Hoan Kiem Lake and the old quarter. Shops vying for the sale or the shoe shine or whatever. Once you leave that though, like walking north to the Long Bien Bridge area, the roads open up and large sidewalks give you access to so many choices. You can walk to West Lake perhaps if you want or cut through more of the shops and districts. I saw flowers and metal and computer districts that I walk through. All there for the shopper in you!

But I don’t do a lot of shopping. In fact, none at all. Nothing really needed now but I will get a baseball cap and a t-shirt before leaving Hanoi. Nothing is really gained from buying it now. I walk through a thousand clothing stands every day and can find what I want tomorrow or a week from now.

I also think I found a decent Mekong Delta tour that I may take in early September. I got a quote back and while its a bit more expensive it also is tailored for what I want in two days and a night.

Today’s photography is courtesy of the Provia or standard film simulation with some color, sharpness, and other controls altered to give the photos a different look. I really like Provia and Classic Chrome on the camera so may set up some custom settings with those and the values I like tomorrow. I don’t see a use for Astia at this moment so will ignore it until later. Here’s the fruits of those steps for you to see. The google photo stream is growing by leaps and bounds. I’m glad its unlimited!

Hanoi shined today and the beer was cold and the day was beautiful. I have a little over a month left here with trips coming up. I think staying longer in Hanoi has been a good thing. Long staying is a thing which yields a lot of benefits in learning the city, the places to go and how to get around. Yet there is mystery because every street turned down means dozens of others missed. Walking the city every day has been a wonder. I will always look back on the streets photos and marvel at the things I have seen.