Photography this and that in Hanoi Today

Today was a great day walking Hanoi and doing the photography thing. I’ve been studying more about two primary film simulations on the FujiFilm X100F. I think the best film simulations are the Classic Chrome and the Acros. So went out today to practice on them more. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I do photography with the camera. There are those that say one must shoot in RAW to get the best editing. Others say you must shoot in RAW+JPEG to have the best of both worlds. People that shoot in RAW fire up some editor to make their work better. They work tirelessly on creating the best image after getting the RAW file, doing things to it, and then exporting to JPEG. Then it gets shared on Facebook or Instagram or whatever. My question today was why. Why do all that? Doesn’t the Fuji system provide the best quality JPEGs out of the camera? Really it depends on the person to make the right calls, to understand the camera, the light, the shadows. So why go to all that bother to edit the photos in Lightroom or any of them?

I’ll preface this by saying I have Affinity Photo on my MAC. I can edit the JPEGs or the RAW files. I’m not limited. What do I really want though as an avocational and novice photographer. It comes down to a few things:

  1. Enjoyment. I want to enjoy the time out. I don’t want to worry whether I should be shooting in RAW to make it possible to do editing in Lightroom or affinity. I am out there to enjoy the camera, the sweat, the weather, the walking, the beer.
  2. Learning. Combine the enjoyment with the learning. I want to learn how to use the camera and get the better quality JPEGs using the two film simulations I’ve chosen to focus on.
  3. Sharing. I like to share my efforts at photography with people. Its really not the primary thing though. Sharing is nice because people can see where you are, what you’re doing, the fun you’re having.
  4. Recording. I want to keep the photo’s on Google Photos forever. So when I go to Cambodia in months and someone says “what did you see in Vietnam?” I have an answer. Its there in the google photos. The streets, the people, the places.

So what I’ve decided is to not mitigate the fun of photography and only shoot in JPEGs and not RAW files. I will never sell my work and I will always be learning on the camera. I will never be good. It will be a stretch to do the photography but the Fuji camera is the best for that stretch for me. I can carry it easily in my bag on my trips. Not a gaggle of lens. Not multiple camera bodies. I saw this person with multiple cameras today. I could only wonder why. It cannot be fun.

And what I want is fun. Its part of the first thing above. So here’s the day’s work and fun and learning. Its a progression of learning black and white using the Acros film simulation and getting better using the Classic Chrome simulation and the funky nature of the camera itself. No more debates on the advanced editing of those RAW files or shooting in both. You get the JPEGs. Be happy and thrive!