The last full day of the Hoi An Adventure

Today it seemed to get a lot warmer out so I ended up back at the room after still adventuring for hours and getting drenched in sweat. Now I’m in AC comfort and will go out and have a few beers before dinner tonight.

I spent 2 full days and one part of a day here in Hoi An and for me it was just long enough. Its an interesting historic view plus a lot of crafts and tailors and custom silks, coffees, spices. But the Hoi An cuisine is the most interesting to me. The food is spicy and has a decided seafood trend but as I walked along the night market, I saw just about every kind of food being sold on the street.Kabobs, ice cream, classic Banh Mi baguettes, small Pho shops.

Most people I think do not go out during the day times here in the summer and wait for sunset and the evenings when the lanterns light up and the temperatures cool off by degrees. Last night I went to the Red Gecko which was an amazing dinner and the owner and workers came to my table and told me to come back and have their BBQ. I don’t have the time so if there is one thing I could stay longer for its the food.

Tonight I’ll go to another place closer to the Hotel and then stop for beers again at this Irish Pub down the street. With tables out on the street and their 2 for 1 sale, its made for an evening of a few beers. Perhaps I have said this before, but Vietnamese people love their beer and food. In almost every discussion I’ve had, one of the common elements has been the food. Everyone in Hoi An, tourists and locals, loves to sit out in the evening with the food. It really reminds me of Singapore in some ways but the look and feel is completely different.

If I would build your trip itinerary to Hoi An, I would first find out if you wanted custom made clothing or leather goods. Next, would make sure you actually like to eat! Because if you don’t enjoy eating, Hoi an is probably not for you. Then there’s the old town itself. Do you like wandering a city and seeing the old and new kinda combined and sometimes with abandon? If you like these things you probably should visit. Now for the number of days. I only came for 4 days but 2 of them were not complete. So maybe you should you come for longer. Then there’s where to stay. So many places to consider. All different price ranges and comfort levels. I will say that I’m particularly taken with my Hotel. The Nova Villa is a really nice place with a great location and the rooms are just gorgeous. You get a free breakfast where they come back to ensure you got enough to eat. I had seconds of their delicious and yummy banana pancakes and two cups of coffee.

So you should visit Hoi An and eat and drink and perhaps shop. Don’t forget your camera. In evidence of this, here is today’s photographs of the walk. The entire Hoi An google photo album I’ll share when I get back. You should also bring comfy walking shoes and clothing that is good for warmer temperatures depending on when you come.

Anyways, tomorrow I travel back to Hanoi in the morning and I’ll back in the old quarter by 2pm or so. Probably go wander around Hoan Kiem Lake and eat tomorrow 🙂  Hope you enjoyed the little excursion and few days of blogging in Hoi An. Next trip in about 1.5 weeks is Hue. My time is winding down in Hanoi and I’ll be leaving around mid June and then relocating to Ho Chi Minh City for two months and a few trips there.