The Day in Hanoi and a hunt for time wonderful time

One of the many things I realized after retiring is that I would have time. Precious time to do a few things which I did not seem able to when working. I wanted to read more on my Kindle and I wanted to do more photography on my Fuji X series camera. Both of these things were retirement goals. As I mentioned, I also set a private goal and project to walk the city of Hanoi each day getting in 12k steps but also doing more photography in the city. A final goal had to be creating more content on my blog. I aspired to creating new blogposts on a daily basis which would cover my day’s activities. Perhaps be mile markers to the walking and the photography.

But I did not want these things to be like the projects of yore that I managed with milestones and tasks and due dates. I wanted the project to be a flexible self guided thing that would have me wanting to do it every day.

For the blogging, I realized that there are lots of people who look to blogs for different reasons than I do. There are as many different reasons to blog as there are bloggers. I believe though we all do it at a basic level for self-expression and sharing of information. Perhaps that information is painful and its a recording of the hells of life. Maybe its more professional life and your challenges met. The reason you create this weird content is important but the real thing is that you do it. The final part of the blogging thing for me was the community I would find. A group of bloggers that perhaps traveled, liked history and anthropology, a dabbling in technology.

So circling back around to the realization of having time. Time is exquisite. For years I watched as the 18 hour days at work went by and even on getting to my room, my work cell phone would be ringing. More issues. More frustrations. Delays or problems. I heard that for two multi-million dollar projects for two years. I dealt with it. But moving on meant no more of that. I had sweet time.

Today I walked and these thoughts went cycling through. I started sweating because its warm or perhaps warmer. Sometimes its also humid and the sweat creeps down the back and on the arms. That 1.5 liter of cold water from the convenience store is like sweet wine. I sat today under a railroad bridge and felt that seminal feeling of time.

Now I can share the day’s album with you. My attempt to taking time and carving it up a bit to do things I want. Consider when you write these things what you are really trying to do. Is it making money or creating optimized blogs or are you wanting to reach out to others. Share with them an idea or two. Try to find a commonality or uniqueness in your experiment of one. Give it some thought when you write a blogpost.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.