Hoan Kiem Lake at Night

It rained most of the day today but around 530pm I walked over to get a Banh My sandwich at my favorite place and the weather was clearing nicely. I decided to walk to the lake a different route. Here’s a few pictures of what the lake looks like as night sets in. Its very popular with people here. Photography is excellent around the lake.


Just a beautiful evening to get an ice cream cone and stroll the lake with the camera. So that’s what I did 🙂

Rainy Morning in Hanoi

Today it rains in Hanoi so a coffee shop is required. Luckily this city is coffee shop rich. Now I sit watching the rain fall with a Vietnamese coffee. Strong and also comes with ambition upgrades. But the sky is dark today. Perhaps a walk will come later. I’m waiting to see whether the rain tapers a bit.

If not some days are meant to more slowly consider the pursuits of life over hot coffee. Sky still seems dark. Coffee warms me up. Ideas are fertile ground when it rains. It’s like another tap; the idea tap was turned open. I remember walking in Tokyo earlier and it rained. I ducked into a Starbucks in Shinjuku and realized March in Japan is a grab bag of coffee, plans, ideas and dreams.

It’s the same as Hanoi as I sit here watching the sky indecisive about clearing or continuing. I guess in a way it also signals the end of days in Hanoi. I’ll soon leave after three months in this delightful, fun, and sometimes wacky place.

On to other wacky and fun places. Life is like a walk. If you try to see the destination you miss all the things before. It’s better to take those slow meaningful steps. There’s a grand plan between the rain drops and steps but it probably does not really apply. Plans are like todo lists. You can prioritize, list, GTD, or whatever. Does it really make the walk to the destination any better? The rain still falls. You still think to dodge the drops. Won’t happen.