A day at the Hue Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, and Citadel – so cool!

Today I wandered the Hue Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, and Citadel. This one day trip walking was worth the entire cost of the trip. I love history stuff and this place was just amazing. It has turns and temples and gardens and a lot of information you can read as you go. The day was a bit rainy but that was okay.

Here’s a collage of photographs from today.

Really great day out shooting with the camera. Weather was challenging and got a bit wet. My hotel key card would not work so had to get it redone.

The Hue Imperial Palace, Forbidden City, and Citadel were worth the cost of the entire trip. I could go back tomorrow and wander more there and go see some of the other temples close to it. Only kinda downside is that the cyclo and cab drivers are more aggressive but at least they cannot get into the park area. I had one guy follow me for a bit asking me to go for a ride for an hour. My best method is to ignore these guys. I think most of its a scam and even if you agree on a price they will not take you where you think. I would prefer anyways to walk. That’s why I go to these places.

Fantastic day nonetheless. I loved the history and presentation of the information.

Tour tomorrow?

I am not sure if I go on this day tour tomorrow or not. The company told me to go to an address I could not find after asking and then the original office had moved the day before. If they don’t show up tomorrow for the tour, I’m going to go after the refund. Its not like I would be bored here though. Right next to the Imperial Palace is more stuff to see and I could go back. I wanted though to get some of the tombs and take the dragon boat ride.

We’ll see.

Author: Michael Perry

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