Final Day Exploring in Hue Vietnam – Great day!

Today was my last day of investigating and walking in Hue. I had decided to walk through less touristy areas and see what the neighborhoods and homes and some water ways I had seen on Google Maps looked like. The weather had improved a lot even though still cloudy. Last night we had some really powerful lightning and thunderstorms roll through but by this morning only clouds remained with no rain.

The big attraction in Hue is the Forbidden City, palace, and citadel and its easy to get to in Hue. You simply walk toward that big square thing on a map and you can find it. Its a massive collection of buildings, paths, temples, and the citadel sits by itself with a flag flying over it.

Walking the neighborhoods let me see Hue away from all that. It was a very nice day for walking! I left after the free breakfast and some coffee and decided to walk the way I have done before in Japan and other places. I found a series of roads that I could take and then decided to change at the last minute and turn opposite ways, take other roads, and then get lost as I go.

I have two photo albums I’d like to share on the trip:

  1. My Hue photo album which has my couple of days of walking the city, seeing the Forbidden city and Imperial Palace complex, and then finishing up today with the last walk is right here! I really like being able to see the city and capture these images.
  2. My photo album of the 3 imperial tombs I visited on my day tour was so much fun and so educational. I learned a lot about what these emperors believed, how they lived, and how they prepared for the afterlife they believed was waiting. As I mentioned there are a total of 8 tombs but for a day tour we got to see three of them. It was still a fantastic experience and I’m glad I got to go! Here is the album with those photos.

I took about 300 photographs with the Fuji X Series camera on this trip. I think that this trip was one of my favorites since I’m a history buff and I love to see temples, pagodas, tombs, and then read the stories about how they came to be.

Tomorrow, I head to the Hue airport at 9am and then fly back to Hanoi at 1030. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the local airport which is delightfully small and easy to navigate. They are not that busy either so using the Hue Airport is very easy.

Parting Thoughts on Hue

I hope you decide to visit Vietnam and consider visiting Hue for some days. Definitely take a day tour the will let you see the tombs. It takes awhile driving to them but its worth it. Reading the stories about what the emperors were like, how long they lived, and their beliefs was fascinating. The imperial city is the other part of all this so spend a day wandering there too. Its big! Lots to see there.

As I wrap up this part of my traveling, I’ll be remembering Hue for a long time. I’ll leave for Hong Kong soon but if I return, I would come back to Hue and to the hotel I stayed in. They treated me very well. If you want a nice place to stay where your comfort is number one and its an easy travel to and from the historic sites give them a look. If you want a tour, I used SinhTourist in Hue. There were some moments with them I was not sure about; but in the end the guide was remarkable and understood all the questions and could explain the context and history of the 3 tombs we visited.

Thanks for reading along and I hope you enjoyed the blog posts and photographs on my investigations in Hue Vietnam!