A day touring a Pagoda and Museum of Ethnology plus Lunch with some nice people I met

This is a packing type thing renewed. I’m leaving in a day plus a few hours so its time to pack the backpack. I’ve gone on shorter trips with a carry on duffel bag with all my stuff. This time is different. I have to actually pack twice.

Pack for Hong Kong Trip. Carry on Duffel Bag. This is a three day international trip from Hanoi to Hong Kong and then back to Hanoi for one night. So I will carry the duffel bag and store the backpack. In the duffel will go:

3 T-shirts, 3 underwear, 3 pair of socks
1 pair of shorts
Laptop and Camera bag
Electronic stuff in a small bag (AC adapter, multiple USB charger with two AC plugins, camera battery charger, AirPods, cables for phone and camera.

This comprises my 3 day haul of stuff I need for Hong Kong.

Pack the backpack for the trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. In the backpack I am storing the remaining gear I have including:

T-shirts, socks, underwear
light weight pants and one pair of shorts,
laundry bag.
other small doodads and things I am sure 🙂

I’ll store the backpack at the airport early Thursday morning and then get it on Sunday when I get back from Hong Kong.

I will be carrying two bags when I travel on the train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City next Monday. That’s okay because there are no carry on or checked bag requirements. I don’t check bags anyways.

That’s how the packing works. So some things I am not carrying. I am not carrying toiletries besides a portable razor and comb. The shampoo, soap, toothpaste I am throwing away. I don’t like carrying lots of toiletry items. I have weeded through T shirts and will get rid of a few of them. I need to get down to six packed T shirts and the one I’m wearing.

When I get to Ho Chi Minh City, laundry will be a need so I will find a place probably down the street that does laundry for some dong. My SIM card does not run out for another few weeks so will then find a viettel store and buy another bunch of data down there. I will also find a market like IntiMex and buy some soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Its cheap here and easy to do!

So that’s how I see the travel packing working. Things I will take and not take. Now on to the fun stuff…

Day Tour and Bucket List Reprised

I did a day tour today and got to see Tan Quoc Pagoda and the Museum of Ethnology. Very cool. I also saw places I had already seen but the tour guide told us the history and the settings which is something I don’t get unless I go slowly. Talking about slowly, the only real complaint is not having sufficient time to really go through the museum. I would normally have spent two or three hours there but due to the distance from the old quarter I felt I could compromise. I also met some really nice people that we then had lunch with. Lunch was provided as part of the tour package.

Gosh. I guess I forgot post the Google Photo’s link to the album. Here it is if you happen to read this now. Sorry about that. I’ll blame it on all the food for lunch we had.

Now I’m down to one full day left in Hanoi. Wednesday has not been decided. Do I go to the Hanoi Museum via a taxi and then walk back? Do I just pass on it and consider what I’ve done these last days good enough? I am not sure.

I do know I have put in some effort at getting around Hanoi for the list of things, adding more things that I had missed or forgotten, and then arranging for the travel or tours. The tour today was a last minute thing while at the museum yesterday. I kinda feel like a day of moving slower would be nice. Sleep in, don’t really do much. Get my stuff packed and organized a bit.

I guess I will know when I know. That means tomorrow 🙂

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