Day 2 – Further Adventures Wandering in Hong Kong

After coffee this morning, I set off on the adventures. My goal was to just walk the city and take photographs of anything that I wanted to. I don’t try to line up some perfect shot. I’m after just the city and what I see. I want memories of the small streets, the parks, the skylines and the people. If I wait for the perfect light beam and moment, I will miss the bus, the person with the umbrella, and the wonderful cloudy day which seems a perfect backdrop to seeing the city today.  I found that I actually walked in something like a square or circle or something today which worked out actually pretty well for me. I ended up about 3 blocks from my hotel which seemed like a good deal. Now I’m back in the room listening to the traffic out the window and thinking about the end of my second day but actually my first real day here walking the city.

Thoughts of Hong Kong on Foot

Hong Kong is an interesting and fun city to walk on foot folks. It has really cool looking little streets leading to major malls and then it lights up and there are people strolling, businessmen, older folks like me wandering slower and i see also a lot of western folks. Not sure if they live here or are visiting or what. Its an interesting place but beyond my financial means so I would not want to live here. Its great for a Visa run and I really like the food and the scenery and being able to photograph such changes is really nice!

The other interesting things about visiting here are the buses and trams. I really like the little two story tram things that seem to be electric with all the signs on them. I like catching them on the streets with the Fuji camera because they are so cool looking and seem to be a part of the Hong Kong aura.

I also really like the shopping scene here. You can find just about anything in the smaller stores and I may get myself a smaller bag for my kindle today which could also hold the passport and pens and stuff when I fly somewhere. It could fit easily into my duffle bag and be taken out and ready to go. I saw a few but I need to make sure they will hold the kindle, the iphone, a few pens and my passport. I can also just wait to get back to Vietnam. There is no lack of little bags to buy there :-). It would be fun to find one here tonight or tomorrow when I go out again.

Another thing are the open air markets. I have seen just about every kind of fresh food here down fun little side streets that really invite me to explore and record. Meat, vegetables,  small restaurants, and stores are all tucked away in these amazing side streets that invite investigation.

Next Steps both Literally and Figuratively

I only have two real days here to investigate and there is just too much. I doubt I will make it to Kowloon and I don’t know when I will get back here. I think I will just focus on the area I am in and go another direction here tomorrow.

Getting out today was the best! I got to cover with my steps interesting and fun places and I really like all the buses and trams and just the busy randomness of the city. It really invites the travel photographer that enjoys just capturing moments of streets, people, buildings and the wondrous skylines of the city. It seems everywhere I turned today the skylines formed such interesting backdrops of the city. Another fun thing today was the sense of exploration since I have not been here really walking the city with a camera before. I took over 70 photographs and found the sweet spot of things I love to capture. It comes down to people, random events, buildings and city stuff, and mass transit and Hong Kong has all those things. I’ll probably head back out for dinner around 5 or 6pm and the rule has always been to take the camera wherever I go. Instead of just adding yet more photographs and taking away the remaining storage space (don’t get me started on how stupid is to not offer storage upgrades), here’s the link to the album on Google Photos.

Evening in Hong Kong is next!

So evening here is just as much fun as day time. The lights all come on and people that were at work head on out or food and drinks and fun. I’ll join that group if I can wait. Since I only had coffee and a pastry this morning, food is calling at a basic level. I saw so many cheap places when walking so will try to find a few of them tonight for dinner. I just don’t feel like spending lots of dollars on food here. That to me is one of the downsides here and perhaps I’m just spoiled with food in Vietnam. Things here are just more expensive and the money does not go so far. Its a good thing I think that I am going back since I could never afford to live here :-).

Bye for now. Tomorrow is the last day for me here. Coming up next!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.