Capturing the Day — Another wondrous exploration of this city

Today I set forth late as usual to see this city. My goals were quite simple actually. Get to a street that looked good, power up the camera, walk some steps, and then start taking photographs of things which interest, puzzle, or make me laugh. Truth be told HCMC is a city that makes it easy to be that urban or travel photographer. Its a wonderful transition from quiet blocks to seeing the American Embassy to the Hard Rock Cafe. Then down to the riverside to look at the signature skyline of Ho Chi Minh City. I will go at night one of these nights and capture the scenes then as well but today was a day tour brought to you by my feet and my Fuji X Series camera.

Here are a few images in lieu of uploading to google photos which seems to be a problem now.

A beautiful city to wander in, find yourself, and then get lost again! Tomorrow is a repeat of today just in a different direction with no real purpose to it all.

Just a beautiful day out to experience the city folks. I got my steps in and took my photographs and then got back to my home stay place for some home cooked Vietnamese food. It was all good! Today was good and the reward was the seeing of things along the path I chose so randomly.

Tomorrow, more of the same. A different direction and focus perhaps. I don’t know. Tomorrow has not arrived yet. Tonight I will sit in my room and think about the things I’ve seen and how this slow travel has been so beneficial to seeing Vietnam.

Tomorrow comes along when it does!