Small things for the vagabonder in you

Here’s some minor things to consider when traveling. Not the big things but some stuff that has either got me and I had to fix in Japan or Vietnam and some things which I took care before I left. Here’s a starter list of things which I think are really important to consider when hitting the road internationally.

Power strips and adapters are the unsung heroes of the road or they are the things you curse in the hotel room at midnight. Here’s two alternatives.  See what you think!

Source: MakeTech Travel Power Strip

The nice thing about this device is the size. If you look at it, you will find two AC plugs and three USB chargers and its rated at 110 to 240. I’ve used it in Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam and it works really nicely and its easy to pack.

The second part of this to consider is the wall adapter. This has a US grounded plug and some Vietnamese plugs do not have the ground so you must find an international adapter. After some degree of hunting around, the one I am using now is this one.

Source: Flight 001 4 in 1 adapter

I like this one because its smaller and the plugs all fit together. That being said you may find one that works for a lot of places but not India or another place. I’ve had to go out to the local electronics stores and get one. In Japan, its pretty easy to head over to the Akihabara or Yodabashi Camera and you can find camera and electronics stores easily in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city as well. I feel this one works pretty well though and I like the size and component part of it. It fits the first device perfectly!

Remember that this is not a converter. Its only a plug adapter so be careful with devices.

I plug into the above two things a variety of things like a MAC laptop power adapter. One minor rant. Who in the ever loving world ever decided to build MAC power adapters with that size? My gosh. The thing is huge! Anyways, it goes into one side of the Mastech where the AC plugs are. In the other side, I can plug in my camera battery charger to charge batteries outside of the camera.

Then in the three USB powered adapters I can charge my iPhone, my camera, and my portable charger, kindle or whatever. You will need the cables so don’t forget them. I forgot the micro USB cable for whatever reason and had to get one in Japan and then my lightning cable started acting weird so I got two new ones in Hanoi plus the charger for the laptop started acting kinda strange so I bought a Apple charger in Hanoi.

So for the three USB chargers I normally only use two but I have charged something in the third port and it was fine.

So these are just little things which I have collected to help in hotel rooms, hostels, homestays. Always check the power ratings on things you buy especially when traveling to Asia and remember to get things that charge other things with correct power ratings or things could go boom!

I hope this has been useful. I always find that there is a thing I bought that when I look closer it just won’t work. I started with another device that I thought was perfect for travel but it ended up not supporting the 110 to 240v requirements so I found these things which have great reviews on amazon for their use. Bear in mind that the colored and cute little plug adapter may or may not work everywhere. I don’t particularly like the big round ones with all the plugs coming out because they are hard to pack and I have had them break at inopportune times.

I’ll publish another once in a week or so that focuses more on internet and cellular service since that has been another area which has been a learning experience but thankfully now in Vietnam I have it pretty well figured out.