Day Two at Vung Tau – Wandering the city streets

This was my one full day of exploration and I could have done the tourist things like the light house or Jesus statue. I did not do those things. Instead I wandered the downtown areas and the small neighborhoods. I wanted to get a full day of walking in here and see how people live here. I started at what is called the Front Beach which is less of a tourist thing and more industrial. The beach is not so clean and has a lot of rocks and less sandy beach area but people still come and walk by the beach walkways. Its almost opposite in Vung Tau from the Back Beach that I went to yesterday.

Its pretty easy to get around here walking. The streets are pretty nice but not many people. Not many besides Australian and New Zealand expats. I was totally amazed at the number of expats here living. I am guessing they spend six months at a time here and then fly out to clear their Visas and then start it all over again. I thought through how it would be to simply stop traveling in Vung Tau. While I like it here, I think I’m more of a vagabonder than someone wanting a place to stop. I just want to go slower. Vung Tau would be fun to stay awhile but I don’t see a compelling thing. I would be leaving to go to Ho Chi Minh City or Danang or other places because I like to explore big cities. One of the expats told me they fully expect to meet expat ladies here as well during their stays or find local women. I did see a few expat women while out and about. Its an interesting cross section of people. There are the older retired expat types that are staying here longer. There are the younger backpacker types that are traveling through and may have biked or taken the ferry here for awhile. I think there are also those that have found a Vietnamese lady or  man to have a longer term relationship with. I think if people are happy with a choice they make to stay here its all good! I like this place. But I have other places to get to. Stopping here would not work for me at all. I just want the slower pace so I can see places like Vung Tau and wonder over the people I see on a few days here.

Only day for wandering…

This was my only day here so I wanted to do a full day of walking my own way and see the other Vung Tau. I doubt I would come back again here. Its a way station for me on a long, slow wandering. I’ll leave tomorrow for the city and get back to a week and days of seeing Ho Chi Minh City.

My photo album was updated with the day’s wandering. Here’s the link again if you want to see the city and the beaches.

Now I’m back in my room and relaxing. Legs are tired and that’s good. Its early afternoon and it dawned on me walking today that giving myself permission to simply stop has been one of the hardest things to get done. I sometimes find myself pushing to see the next road or visit the next pagoda or take the tour. Its against the metric for my wandering though and its been tough coming to grips with it. I don’t think I have yet come to grips with the ability to say “mañana” to things or not push a bit.

Tomorrow I’ll catch the ferry back at 2pm and get back to the homestay for another week and days. More things there to go see. More places to report on!

Thanks for reading. I hope you find a thing of value but if you don’t I’m okay with that too 🙂

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.