New Directions in Wandering in Ho Chi Minh City!

Prior to going out for the day, I was sitting downstairs at the homestay when Grace came in. Grace is the daughter-in-law I believe and she’s good with the English and loves to talk. She told me about her busy weeks working at two jobs and also doing a fitness thing. I told her a bit about my adventures.

I had decided to visit a coffee shop around the corner which has some of the best banana nut bread and service I have found. I sat there for awhile and watched mostly tourists come and go. I always kinda surreptitiously wonder what the people’s lives are like. A young couple came in holding hands. They had nice breakfasts and drinks. They left. Then a family came in with at least three kids, the man, and his wife. I lasted longer and got there before them all. I ordered a second americano and sat longer.

After about an hour of enjoying the atmosphere and elegance of the coffee shop, I started looking at google maps to find how I wanted to get to a new walking area and plotted a basic trip. I had looked at the map for where I wanted to go and it seemed that there was a walking trail by this canal or river and numerous bridges that I should see. I also had never gotten there before walking so really wanted to get there. The walking there ended up being really nice with this beautiful walking trail right by the water that I could follow. Bridges were great and came in old and new. Walking there was low stress. No guys trying to sell rides, no shoe shine guys. Nothing. I did see a few people out and about walking on the walkway but it was pretty quiet and its really kept up well.

I got done with the walking by the water part when I reached one of the bridges and checked google maps. I wanted to visit a park and get some water and rest for a bit so I went in that general direction. The weather was kinda iffy today by any standards and before I got to the Vincom Towers for some ice cream it rained. I took shelter in this closed building alcove where some chairs were left. It rained for about 15 minutes and then I could continue my walk.

Ending at Vincom is always fun since I like Bud’s Ice Cream a lot there and the prices are reasonable. I always sit and look at the frames on my camera and start thinking about what I want to do the next day. Usually its around a different direction of walking or perhaps a museum to see.

So, one of the better days of wandering since I saw something brand new and felt really good doing it. I got back and dinner is right at 630pm and is always interesting in a good way. Then I saw Grace leaving again for work.

The day’s photographs were good today too. Finding a new path and a new thing makes taking photographs that much better. I gotta say that Ho Chi Minh City is no slouch with places to find to practice some city photography or urban type stuff. Its also really good for practicing since none of this is so far I could not get back. The chances are though I will not walk that path again.

Here’s the link to my photo album so y0u can see how beautiful it was today!

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