Ben Thanh Market, District One HCMC, and some street art! What a bargain for you!!

The last weekend in Ho Chi Minh City prompted my desire to not wander far. That, and the weather seemed to be ready to get a good rain going. Here’s what it does here though and you can tell when its gonna rain. It clouds up first. Then the wind picks up a bit and things get dark. You start seeing rain drops often ahead of you. Then it either really starts with a torrential downpour or it just stops and the sky gets all clear and pretty again. Today it decided to do the first thing so I was kinda glad to not be wandering farther away.

I also went to the Ben Thanh Market which may be the best known market in Vietnam. You can find just about anything you may want. I wanted a leather money clip because I don’t carry my wallet when I go out for the day. I found one in about 10 minutes and spent 5 minutes in a good natured haggle with the shop owner. We reached a point and both were laughing so I told her she won and I got the money clip. Its a handy device on the road because you can more easily carry a daily allowance of cash in your front pocket and not be concerned with it too much.

My final place to get to is China Town which I will do either tomorrow or Monday. I have 4 days and there is a museum I could do as well one of the days. Wednesday I have to make ready to leave Thursday morning early on the bus to Da Lat so I will be packing and going through my stuff.

Luggage Thoughts

I still have the Tortuga Outbreaker 45L backpack but I also have a North Face (fake but works good for me) duffel. The duffel is good for shorter trips since it fits in the overhead or even under the seat. The Outbreaker is also carry on. I’ll get rid of the duffel when I go to Cambodia and travel only with the Outbreaker and the daypack as a personal item. The duffel cost all of $15 USD after haggling for it for awhile in Hanoi.

I think the Outbreaker is a great choice for travel since it does not pack top down and opens like a suitcase. I never liked the packs that pack top down and prefer to have everything easily reachable for either short or long term stays.

Next Stop is Da Lat

Da Lat is my final longer stay place in Vietnam. I wanted to change things up and had originally planned on spending longer here in HCMC. I feel though I have done what I set out to do here and tromped across the city and captured it via the camera so now will go to Da Lat. I have two side trips planned from Da Lat to Nha Trang and another beach place. Each of those lasts 4 days I take a bus there and back.

So now that my time is wrapping up here and I don’t have a whole bunch of destinations left I want to do, I can just wander around with the camera and do what I really like doing. I like just exploring and capturing what I see with the camera. Today I saw a few things and took lesser photographs. I’ll be sharing out the final album for my 30 days here soon and its been a lot of fun walking the city and capturing what I think are the daily highlights. Here are a few pictures from today.

This was some street art I saw walking around District 1 today. Th0ought it was pretty cool!

I liked how this image was framed by the flowers. I took this by Ho Chi Minh Square.

Life has been pretty good of late here in HCMC. Ive enjoyed the homestay experience immensely and my host is a very nice person plus a really good cook who insists on filling my plate up with rice and veggies and food twice. I think if you come to Vietnam you should check out the homestay experience. It really lets you get to a personal level with a family, see how they work and live each day, and also have some really good food. I paid $360 for the month and got all my meals, my laundry, free bottled water and just the family part of things. Really made things nice!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.