Three Days left and Two things to do – will this Mike do it?

Its raining right now here in Ho Chi Minh City. I just got back from a day of wandering around in no set direction with the camera doing what I basically love to do which is taking frames and then sharing with all of you fine people. As I lay here on the bed in the homestay, the rain is really coming down now but I bet it will be done in about 30 minutes. I may walk out tonight and get a few beers and bring back. There is a friendly Circle K about 200m from my homestay.

I basically have two things left to do and three days to do them. I decided to get to one additional museum called the Revolutionary History Museum which is a walk away and then I will go to Chinatown. I am not clear on what day for what. Perhaps tomorrow some clarity will come over morning coffee.

Now the rain has stopped so its time to share a few photographs. I hate sharing when its raining outside. All my stuff gets virtually wet :-).

I don’t have any running narrative for these few photographs. Just take them as y0u will as the evidence of a person that turns left, right, and repeats it over and over again. I will say that this city is so very welcoming to this old retired guy and his camera. I get so many “hellos’ and smiles. By the end of the day though, my legs are tired. I guess because I am old and I cannot do the 20 miles or 30k steps per day and really have no desire to.

Here, in no particular order and with no more diversions are a few things I saw today. Get your popcorn and cold beer ready!

And if that’s not mysterious enough, here is the second one. Vrooom! Ready for a ride?

Finally just perhaps to show you how beautiful the city streets are here. This is a block I was walking down and these streets always grab my fancy. Its not isolated in this city folks. I see city blocks of quiet beauty most turns I take.

Now to a few serious things. It seems to me walking each day that thoughts propel themselves through and often come with little or no warning. I stop for the 1.5 liter bottle of water and the break sitting on the street corner and even more things come unbidden to me. Its like a thought factory opens up and launches never ending streams of fragmented things which I sometimes note down in Ulysses to think about later or to write a journal post or a blog post about.

Often times the things become this blog post but I have a little workflow in Ulysses that lets me work on the things, perhaps define them a bit more, and then on my iPhone I start seeing where they should go. I developed this awhile ago where I have an inbox which leads to stuff to do and then ideas which are developed into stories. A story can be a blog post, longer static content that perhaps on a down day or when I feel like developing it will become thing else, or its personal and private and it moves into my journal.

I have to say that Ulysses is the best app I have found on the Apple ecosystem for this kind of thing. There are others like byword and you can use Google Docs for it as well depending on your platform of choice. To me, the one app that holds diaries, notes, blogposts, workflows is just so good! It also holds travel notes and I attach PDF files and images to my travel plans. I used to use Tripit but I prefer to have the notes in freeform or markup so I can export when I want to PDF or whatever.

Is there a tool you use that’s your baseline, your must have? For me its Ulysses on the Mac and my iPhone. I’d be lost without it. This blogpost started being formed as I walked today but I did not capture it. Sometimes the ideas come fast and furious and Ulysses gets tapped into on my water break or when I stop for ice cream or beer.

Do you work, travel, record like this? Do you have a central repository where you keep everything? A central tool? Others use a set of integrated tools like Day One for journals, Byword for writing, perhaps something else for travel planning. I tried this before. I much prefer the one home for the creation and management of ideas, text, writing, recording of things.

Your thoughts?

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.