Museum Closed, Beer Hall Available, Lets drink!

A humorous thing happened on the way to the Revolutionary History Museum today. Perhaps I should have checked their open and closed hours but it ended up being closed on Mondays. Anyways, I walked the long way around to get there and now I don’t think I will make it unless I go on Wednesday. Tomorrow I’m set to go to Chinatown. Going to either ride the bus or take a cab depending on my laziness. I don’t really care what it costs to get there so I may do a cab. Once I get there I plan on spending the day and then getting back via a cab.

I ended up in a Beer Pub today drinking for a few hours and felt pretty good when I left. I had three large Tiger Draught Ales and kinda stumbled back to my homestay and the host was laughing. Now its raining again. I stopped before when it rained and camped out at this building that was closed along with a few Vietnamese guys and gals. We laughed a bit about the rain as they waited too. The rain here comes in pieces. It will rain for about 30 minutes and then the sky lightens up but you can tell when its gonna pour down like I’ve mentioned before. The wind picks up, the sky gets dark, temperatures drop. If you watch the local folks they are covering up and anticipating the rain. But then it ends after 30 minutes or so. Today I just stopped at a beer hall and drank my way to happiness and somewhat inebriation. I don’t do that often but when I do, everything suddenly looks better. Of course the waiters were very attuned to insuring I had sufficient beer as well. If there is one thing about the Vietnamese, they like to drink. If there is another thing, they like to eat! They also like to socialize in coffee shops.

I spent the morning at one my favorite coffee shops and really love the place and since I have been going there regularly they offered me a loyalty card where I get so much off after so many visits. Unfortunately, I am leaving on Thursday so I don’t know I will go back there again. Their latte and sandwiches, fresh bread specialities like banana bread is superb. I will miss their attention to detail!

No real pictures to share or other thoughts besides still having a bit of a beer buzz on. It feels pretty good so I may walk over and get a few more beers after dinner tonight if the rain stops for a bit. I happen to like drinking beer and I’ve not done it in awhile.

Here’s another thought. Have you ever decided to go through your facebook friends and get rid of some of the people that somehow became friends? I did that today and dropped a few. I read some of their wall posts and I did not like them. I unfollowed one and dropped the rest. I guess the other thing, and perhaps its the beer talking, is that I don’t take FB seriously at all. Its just a place to find real friends which are the vast majority of people I have friended up with. If you are a virtual friend, I may drop you at a whim. Mean? Yeah. I know. Such is the way of it though.

Tomorrow is Chinatown and then perhaps will try again on Wednesday for the museum. Time is running out though. I need to have Wednesday afternoon to get to an ATM machine and get some money. I am pretty careful with that part of things and will not withdraw cash at night or in places that seem strange. So off I will go to Vincom Centre on Wednesday and use their ATM. I have to take the money out twice because of limits on debit card transactions. I’ll be ready to come back after that and pack up my stuff for the bus ride on Thursday to Da Lat.

I’ll have a few thoughts Wednesday on leaving HCMC. Its been a blast here living in a homestay and walking the city. Here’s something of an update since I was correcting some of the beer edits and words from earlier. Tonight at dinner I met two Chinese tourists just graduated as school teachers. Both were so charming and fun to talk to. We discussed their visiting Vietnam, politics at a global level, and how much they were anticipating getting back to teach. I found them very vital and interesting people with a pretty good command of english and it was fun to meet people from yet another place while staying at the homestay here. We discussed many topics and also enjoyed a great dinner together that our host provided!

So much fun to meet others in a communal setting like the homestay and sharing a home cooked meal with them!

Well, that’s my update of updates!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.