Traveling and People on the Vagabond Trail

Tomorrow I go to Nha Trang for a few days for a short side trip or getaway. The primary goal is to see some different things, visit a resort beach town, wake up early and take sunrise photographs from the beach. I ride the bus tomorrow for a few hours there and then spend 2 days and then come on back on Friday.

I decided to change my travel and visit Da Nang for the last month in Vietnam so booked airline tickets from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang and return. I’ll leave for HCMC a week from Saturday and spend two days there because I wanted to and then will fly out.

Da Nang is a big draw for me because its got a lot of history, culture, social and food life! I have not wandered there so another draw is seeing another big city in Vietnam for a few weeks. I don’t have any real plans for there yet like things to see. I will probably wait until I get settled in the hotel and plan out some activities.

Traveling domestically in Vietnam is so easy folks. I booked roundtrip air for about $120 and my hotel for a month inclusive of free breakfast is $380 a month. Getting from the airport to downtown is on a provided shuttle so its pretty easy to get around.

Today while out walking around Da Lat I met an extraordinary person! Originally from Switzerland he has vagabonded in Asia and Oceania for decades. We discussed how much better Vietnam was from his first days here back in the 1980s. He primarily stays in homestay places because they tend to be all inclusive and provide meals, water, laundry service.

We parted ways at a turn around where he was headed toward the lake and I was going back to the hotel. An interesting and unique person who has lived the vagabonding life for decades. Its just another reason to travel but perhaps to travel solo and even more. I think its an endorsement to hit the road for longer because then you truly are at home on the road. Its not a matter of philosophy or cute sayings or quotes. Those are just what they are. Travel blogs do not capture the real life on the road that a person meets and exceeds when he actually has lived the life you are moving toward yourself.

So consider the travel but consider the vagabond even more.

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