Nha Trang in two days – a report of a fun place to visit!

I’ve accumulated some number of photos of my 2 days in Nha Trang which due to a combination of misfortunes limited perhaps only to me I cannot upload. The hotel assures me that wifi is good here yet when I open a terminal and do a ping or trace route, its dismal. I have the best luck just sharing my LTE connection on my iPhone.

But here’s the narrative parts and I’ll create a new photo album when I can.

Trip Report: Nha Trang

Nha Trang is an interesting place that is a combination of a whole bunch of Russian tourists, good restaurants, but yet the same non tourist areas which are just a street away. The touristy areas are the beach front and a few blocks away and I think most people do not walk to find the cultural and historic sites. Once you get away from the touristy streets with this amazing number of tourists, you see the sleepy little streets, small businesses and a whole different Nha Trang. Its a fascinating glimpse into a city with a few roles. One is to cater to the tourism and there are a lot of places with guys from Russia out front hawking the food and drinks.

There’s a lesser number of tourists not from Russia but I found two delightful women at the Long Son Pagoda today from South Africa and we talked about visiting Ho Chi Minh City, places to go in three days, food, and museums in specific.

Finally, there were a few good restaurants serving mostly European food which I thought were good like Olivia Pizza. I had breakfast there this morning as well as dinner last night and the eggs were excellent!

The places to go on a limited number of days are pretty variable. You can visit Buddhist sites, historic churches, shopping centers, smaller local shopping for the usual shirts, swimsuits, hats, bags. Then there are larger places frequented by the tourists on a big budget. Nice shoppes to find the bigger ticket items.

In two days I did not expect to see it all and do it all. Mostly I wanted to come because I had heard things about Nha Trang and when I can upload the photos you will see a beautiful beach! Perhaps the nicest I have seen yet in Vietnam. Clean, sandy, beautiful ocean waters. I think the beach is one of the biggest draws plus the established tourism industry which creates the need for international restaurants.

I head back tomorrow to Da Lat which comparatively speaking is like a sleepy mountain town. I will have about a week left there to really accomplish nothing besides going through stuff and getting rid of things I don’t need, getting laundry done, going on a few day tours that I crammed into next week, and then leaving a week from Saturday on the bus to Ho Chi Minh City for two days.

I then fly off to Da Nang which is my last port of call in Vietnam before leaving for Cambodia on 16 September. I have about 29 days to spend in Da Nang which I think I can make use of. Its a larger city with the good coffee places, a mix of restaurants, and still the tourism industry so every so often I can spoil myself on food.

If you find yourself wanting to visit Nha Trang and are concerned about language, don’t be. Most people speak English and a whole bunch Russian. I imagine there is a significant number of Japanese, Chinese, and other tourists here too. Try though to get away from the touristy areas if you can. Long Son pagoda is away and you can walk it if energetic. I did the walk today and it was nice to me. There are other sites of prominent history and culture to see. I would spend at 5 days here perhaps and take a day tour or two if you are not into walking.

Also be sure to bring the camera. This is a place of amazing vistas and views. The view of the city from the pagoda is striking and beautiful.

That’s all for now! Will be attempting to get the photos into Google Photos so I can share out the album when I get back to Da Lat.

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  1. Hi. I did have seafood first night here. I don’t think that Nha Trang has a local culinary thing much like Hue or Hoi An does. It was okay but the place was crowded with tourists. There are lots of tourists here and the prices are higher for food. Tonight I had a bowl of Pho and a beer and that was reasonable. I think perhaps you are right about the number of days. I came here from Da Lat only out of curiosity after some Vietnamese friends told me about it. I don’t think that I would purposefully come here again but for a quick get away it was kinda cool. I much prefer other places. I did get to see some non touristy places by the pagoda. I leave for Da Lat tomorrow morning and I’ll be glad to get back 🙂


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