Explorations Continue in Da Nang – another bridge walked to today!

Today I walked to either the first or the last bridge along the Han River depending on your perspective. I walked until I could not go any further. Its a holiday here in Vietnam so the streets are quieter but most restaurants and coffee shoppes are open. Once I got away from the touristy areas I did not see any more visitors. The walkway to the bridge I wished to see is pretty nice but people just are not out there. I guess because there are not restaurants and bars and markets. Its kind of a solitary place with fishing boats and a small marina with faster looking boats.

The enjoyment part is always getting away from the downtown to find places that are not popular. I had walked today in the downtown area and took a street at random and walked it until it ended. I was still learning the new camera so I wanted to take a variety of photographs with different light and shadows, with people and regular things like windows and bicycles and buildings. I shot most of the day at F5.6 with Auto ISO so I could just focus on the shooting and not worry about all the configurations and settings. I also used two or three of the film simulations just for fun and personal profit.

The FujiFilm XT2 is completely different from the X100F as you can imagine. Its bigger yet when you hold the camera it seems to meld itself to your hand. I felt that the X100F was small and light and was easy to stash. While the XT2 is not huge like some Nikon or whatever, its still heftier and you know you are holding a camera that has some weight and feel to it. I also have the 18-55 kit lens which seems a very nice lens for travel. I think its a great starter lens and if I want to go to something else, I can always pick up another lens. I just don’t see the need for what I do. I don’t do big time landscapes or wildlife. I like to do the street type photography but what I call urban photography which focuses on the cities and people and roads and buildings and stuff. Since I am always walking when I do the majority of the photography, the 18-55 lens seems adequate to me to capture the events I see around me. The last thing I really want is a hugeonormous camera bag with lens popping out. I went to Fuji cameras because I wanted a single thing but since moving to the XT2, I wanted a single thing with a lens that would also be a single thing. I did quickly look at a second lens and I could go get one at the camera store because they have lots of great Fuji gear. I just cannot see a need given what I do.

After this really nice walk today I ended up with a peach smoothie since they taste really good after walking and sweating in the heat here. I sat there and watched the folks that work in the cafe having fun and laughing together and their manager just smiled and shook his head. I sat for an hour or so with the smoothie considering that the next walk I do will be across the bridge toward the ocean. I’ve seen all the stuff on this side of the river I want to see now. Tomorrow I will have breakfast at a new place and then take off for the beach and spend the day there. I may go to this burger place for lunch tomorrow that I heard about on twitter. Not sure.

One additional note for you folks that like to see notable things. The Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills will be visited on Monday all day on a tour I got. This was one of the reasons I came here so will see it and a pagoda the opposite way on a day tour on Monday. Cannot wait to take the camera and get pictures of the bridge.

Here’s the link to my Da Nang photo album if you want to see what I’ve done thus far. Its been fun learning the new camera and wandering on this side of the Han River the last week. Tomorrow off in a different direction to explore!

Author: Michael Perry

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