Travels in 2019 – January to June

Now that I’ve reached the 6 months, I decided this morning to work on extending the slow travels after my 4 months coming up in Cambodia. During the 4 months will spend a month in Phnom Penh, a month in Sihanoukville, a month in Siem Reap, and a month in Battambang. This lets me settle in and live life a bit. I’ve enjoyed this pace at all the cities in Vietnam.

On January 21st I will fly from Phnom Penh to Singapore and spend a week there. My approach is to spend less time in expensive places and more time in less. The week will probably cost me what a month costs elsewhere. After the week, I hop a bus to Kuala Lumpur and take my 90 day tourist stamp and travel south to north over 90 days. I’ll end up at the Thai border around April and spend two months in Thailand traveling in some direction but definitely seeing the main cities and places there. Then since you need proof of onward travel to enter Thailand, I have a cheap flight booked back to Cambodia. This gets me through June next year.

I felt I needed to lock in the plan a bit and also take care of some air fare when its cheaper and easier. My thought after June is that I would like to visit China for whatever period of time I can get a tourist visa but I will get the retirement visa in Cambodia extended another year no matter what since its pretty easy to retire there. I can also leave as I want and visit other places.

One of those other places is India. I have so many friends there to see from the other days working and living there! I must get back. I would have to visit all the big cities but by then I would want to see Kerala too. So many places in India to see!

So, its all exciting and the way the travel unfolds for me is cool. I just don’t feel in any hurry to see the things. Spending more time than less means I get some stability in each place. I get to learn the routines, do the regular things, meet people and take lots of photographs.

I think by February or March next year, I will plan out the rest of 2019 but it will be slower going and I may repeat Japan and see some places I have not been in the south and north. Air, bus, and train travel is very reasonable. I spent all of $150 for both flights I just booked. Both are international flights and leave at decent times.

I think it will be good to clear out of Vietnam and get to the month by month in Cambodia. Something different to do and see. Different people. Different history and prehistory. Different day by day.

I don’t know of another place I would want to stay as a home base besides Cambodia. They have the best visas for retirees at this point.

One other note. Happy National day of Independence to Vietnam! Flags are all over during my walk today. The city has slowed down to observe and celebrate. Congrats to the people and country!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.