Sorta Kinda Retrospective – Vietnam ends and Travel to Cambodia Begins!

I’m kinda preparing to leave Vietnam after 6 months. Spending the last few days in Da Nang walking the city, getting lost, and eating. Today I met my friends Sunny and Andre for lunch at a wonderful pizza place where we leisured for about 2 hours talking. Sunny is Vietnamese but listening to her speak English you would not know it. She has the the teasing stuff down, has fun teasing in English, and also knows the colloquial stuff. Andre is fun as well being from Germany.

As the time slowly ticks down, other friends throughout Vietnam have weighed in on my plans to return. From a friend in Hanoi, they want me to not just visit Saigon but come up to Hanoi for some time next year. A friend in Can Tho will take me on a Mekong Delta tour for some days.

I have also been learning more with the new camera walking each day. Its a great camera, this FujiFilm XT2. It has these capabilities and super powers which takes awhile to learn. Even with the XT3 out, I see no real reason to upgrade. I could have settled on something less and spent less but I wanted to find a camera I could grow into and also feel that the camera represented an investment down the road.

Now the time slowly ticks down and tomorrow is Friday. I have tomorrow night and then fly back to Saigon for one night and then off to Phnom Penh for 30 days. I am pretty convinced I am doing this the right way. Thirty days in each place lets me settle in but its not so long where the routine gets boring. The retirement visa I will get in Cambodia in a week or so will let me do multiple entries and will last a year. This means I can just travel but home base in Cambodia as I want. I could also get a retirement visa in Thailand with no real effort but I think Cambodia is better and the living expenses are less.

I don’t know that I will write a regular post again before Cambodia but I will create a post that has all the links for all my photo albums in Vietnam and share it out. I had planned on writing kind of a retrospective of Vietnam but I think I’ve done that. Now its a matter of traveling to the next place and seeing the things I want to see. In January, I’ll fly off to Singapore and then travel north basically for 5 months and end up back in Phnom Penh in June. At that point, I’ll have two weeks and then fly back to Saigon for a month.

I have not thought through what happens after but I think China is sounding good. I will probably figure out the final part of the year as I get into next year. I know I have to be back in Cambodia to extend my retirement visa for another year.

So, in a few days Cambodia and then 4 cities in four months! I am looking forward to each one. Each has a thing it offers that’s unique.

Take care all. More to come!

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