Today this and that – Last Day in Da Nang

Today was the final real day to wander Da Nang. I started the day with a few Banh Mi sandwiches and a coffee. Had to find the post office and mail some gifts to a friend in Da Lat Vietnam. Luckily the post office was just down the street so took the gifts in and they got a box for me, packed up the stuff, and then put in the mail service for me. Vietnam Postal charged me 80k VND to mail and package up the gifts. It will reach Da Lat in 2 days. Not too bad.

Then I stopped for some more coffee and decided to walk over the bridges I love here and just take photographs of whatever it was that I saw. Unfortunately, I cannot upload images to google photos today due to some kind of network issues here so I will wait until I get to Saigon tomorrow and try again.

After walking, picked up my laundry from the hotel and started packing. The amount of stuff I have has gone down so packing is pretty easy. Used to be that the Tortuga Outbreaker was used up for space. I also have a Tripod that I got for free when I bought the camera so that went in the backpack. I had started with 6 changes of clothing but I went down to 3 changes plus the ones I wear. Means I can still go a week since I wear the same stuff more than once. I could also wash stuff in the room and have a pretty good process for that but I’m lazy and prefer to pay the few dollars a week to have my laundry done.

I’ve changed things around a few times now for gear except for the backpack which I really like. I have a fake but pretty good quality North Face Surge backpack which can hold a bunch of stuff and is a great carry on personal item that fits under the seat. I got rid of a camera bag, a small duffel bag, and a daypack that simply was not big enough and felt cheap.

I’ve also wimped out and check my backpack now since I am flying single destinations with no connecting flights. Means I do have to wait for the baggage but I am in no real hurry to get to a place. If it takes another 30 minutes or whatever, it really does not matter.

So now its almost evening time here on my last night in Da Nang. Tomorrow is my last night in Vietnam. Wow! I will fly out Sunday for Cambodia and get the 30 day regular visa and then extend it for a year in a few weeks. The rest of this year is pretty well planned out for destinations in Cambodia. I think I posted for next year I’ll go to Singapore and then up through Malaysia for 90 days and then Thailand for 60 days. Finally back to Cambodia and “home”. Then about a week later will fly back to Saigon and voyage down to Con Tho to see a friend there and do a tour with her of the Mekong Delta. I will only stay 30 days this time in Vietnam and then will most likely head off to China or somewhere else.

So those were the things I did and some of the things that came up today. Vietnam is close to being done after 6 months. Cambodia is on the horizon with travel throughout and then using my multiple entry retirement visa to travel and return to Phnom Penh as I need.

Perhaps I will write something tomorrow in Saigon as I sit at the airport hotel. Its an interesting time as I leave Vietnam and all the great times here.