Wandering Phnom Penh – life, money, and time

Another day wraps up for me. Its been a good two days learning about this fascinating and busy city. I walked today with almost a destination in mind. I wished to see the Olympic Stadium but more wanted it as a landmark so I can get to other places walking and know how far it is to get home.

I have lots of places to see and I feel like the city is this huge area of wonderful sights still unexplored. I also have a few things I have to get done. One is I need a haircut. I found a place which does them for $4.50 and includes a beard trim. Its past the Olympic Stadium. The second thing next week is I have to get my visa extended to a year multiple entry here. That will take them a few days to get done and its costs $290 for the year. Once I have the year extension, things become more gradual the remainder of my stay. Its day by day seeing the city, finding restaurants at night, and doing the usual photography things.

Since I like wandering cities and seeing people doing their stuff, my initial photographs of Phnom Penh are city and street shots. I’ll be going to some of the tourist things next week and perhaps then the National Museum. Here’s the start of my photo album for Phnom Penh.

I also am going to work on sharing out all the photo albums from Vietnam pretty soon. I have numerous albums of the places and things I saw there.

Changing of the Routine Too…

My routine now has changed since the hotel serves free breakfast every day. Now I get up earlier and have breakfast up on the roof of the hotel and see Phnom Penh every morning. I get a few cups of coffee and enjoy the time relaxing in the cool mornings. Then back to my room for a few hours of relaxing and reading or watching news. By 11am I’m out the door and usually am back by 2pm. Sometimes I decide after breakfast some direction I want to walk. The city though is there for me to go anywhere I like. I don’t feel cautious or uncomfortable walking any of the cities. I understand how the traffic works and its pretty evident how busy the city is.

By about 1pm its time for some water for me. Today I stopped at the City Mall and set on a bench and this young girl came up and told me hello. The mall is an interesting place. Kind of a mix of a classic mall and the asian markets you may know. I went in because it has a very nice grocery store that I wanted to see. That’s where I got the bottle of water.

Then I kinda decide that I should head back or see something else or whatever it is that strikes my fancy. After awhile I’m back to the room and tend to relax reading and writing until about 6pm when its dinner time. I find a new restaurant because at this point they are all new. Tonight its Cambodian BBQ down the street.

Money and Time

Now since I don’t buy breakfast, my expenses have dropped a bit I think. I am spending about $4.50 a night for dinner with beers. I don’t really care what the cost is but its fun to see what the food costs and that everyone will take US dollars. I normally carry $20 and some singles and local money but when I pay in local money I get a combination of currencies back. They will pay me in US dollars an Riel back so I have to stop and think what the combination is and what I am getting. I guess for the small things like a bottle of water for $0.40 and I pay a dollar, I don’t really care. I will have to exchange a $100 bill for smaller bills at the hotel. I won’t carry that much since its not needed or necessary here.

Time has changed to. I think its slowed down. I feel like I have more time to spend on things here in Cambodia. I will stay here longer but also will travel out of Cambodia once I have the annual visa. I realized early on I needed a home base of sorts that had really good visas for retired people. I was considering the time being on the road now for 7 months. Nothing seems the same time wise. It used to be a march of schedules and tasks and milestones. I don’t have those any longer. That feels pretty good!

So maybe that brings you up to date for a day on the life of me. I have no complaints. I travel slow. I stay longer. I go where I want. How could I complain there?

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.