The XT2 Camera and Replacements becomes the X100F camera again

So I’ve had the opportunity to contact the camera shop in Da Nang I bought the FujiFilm XT2 Camera from. Their initial answer is to return to Vietnam and take the camera in for an inspection. Not really possible nor wanted at this point. What I want is the warranty honored and to get the camera fixed or have the body replaced. I have only had the camera for a month for heaven’s sake!

I found the only Fuji dealer here in Phnom Penh and chatted with him on Facebook Messenger a bit. He will take the XT2 camera and get it fixed for me and then send it along to where I am or send back to the hotel and they will hold it for me until January. In the meantime, I am going to go back to the Fuji X100F camera. I had this camera before and I can get it for almost $500 less here. Its also a heck of a lot more portable and easy to carry. I will try to treat it better than getting it soaked in the rain storms. It takes excellent pictures and my first 6 months were spent with it. No complaints.

I know I cannot just leave here without a camera. Its a hobby but its more. Maybe an obsession for recording life on the streets, the monuments and people, and the urban sights I like to record. The other thing about it is that all my batteries just work with it too. That’s a huge thing since I have 3 replacement batteries. The final thing about it is the size of the camera as I mentioned before but it packs a lot of punch in use in its size. It is significantly smaller than the XT2 camera so it fits in a mobile lifestyle a bit better.

What I learned this time is that getting higher end camera gear repaired on the road is difficult no matter where you happen to go. With a smartphone, I would just go buy another iPhone 7 plus since I like that phone a lot. But the camera fulfills more of my desires and needs than a phone.

Why not just use the iPhone?

I heard that and thought it through. I don’t like taking pictures with the iPhone. Its just not the thing that satiates my desire to wander the cities with a small travel camera, record what I want, learn the camera and its film simulations, and feel that I am getting somewhat better. The iPhone just takes the photos and perhaps does a nice job. I don’t feel I learn anything when the phone camera does it all.

The second thing about just using the iPhone camera is storage. There is no removable storage from an iPhone. Images go into the apple photos album and then google photos uploads them for me. I cannot really manage the storage like I can with a SD card of images. I much prefer having a dedicated storage card to hold images and I have multiple storage cards to use as well.

So now I am without a camera since the XT2 will not function reliably. I had a friend in Vietnam call the photo shop as well and talk to them. Nothing really gained with that besides the rather stupid idea that I would fly back to Hanoi or Saigon.

Once I get the XT camera back in a month or three I will then decide what to do. I don’t want or need two cameras. I have a feeling that the XT2 will never be trusted again. What’s to stop it from having another issue with the shutter button? This is not some isolated issue either folks. Many, many people have reported the issue and the only fix is sending it back for repair. Of course that is easier if you happen to be in the US or Japan or perhaps Singapore.

So ends the camera voyage and while I’m frustrated I kind of acknowledge its the way of things that are digital. Laptops, cameras, phones. They all can stop and are prone to being damaged with travel. I know I will never buy some DSLR with 5 lens. I know I will never do RAW file editing. There are things I just don’t need on my travels. But there is one thing I do need and that’s a working camera. I’ll fix this on Wednesday morning first thing.