Time Drawing to a Close in Phnom Penh – only days left

I have one day left out of my 30 days here in Phnom Penh. I’m taking it a bit easy today and reading a bit and looking at my travel plans for next year in Malaysia. I need to flesh out those times a bit more after the initial 30 days in Kuala Lumpur. My basic plan is to head slowly north but also take in any places on the way. I’d end up by the Thai border at the end of the 90 day tourist visa in Malaysia. The area to the north around Penang and GeorgeTown look pretty good to me.

Once I cross over the border into Thailand I’ll head up to Bangkok and Chiang Mai for awhile and then fly to Phuket and Krabi for a week and then back. I have those tickets already booked and I have rooms for that trip. I don’t have any real sets of things in Thailand to get done either. I just know by June I need to be back in Bangkok to fly back to Phnom Penh and stay at the hotel here for a month or so while I arrange a Chinese tourist Visa. At some point I will book the round trip airfare from Phnom Penh to Beijing and then back by October so I can renew my retirement extension of stay here in Cambodia.

So, lots to try to define for next year even at some basic level. Since I travel so slowly the rooms I get area always for a month unless its a weekend or short getaway.

Other Stuff…

In the category of other stuff; I’ve met a number of people that are ex-pats now living in Phnom Penh long term. One lady that lives out by Siem Reap and some others when I’ve been eating or drinking downtown. The hotel here is good for meeting international folks as well. There is an interesting ebb and flow of people coming through that teach English work for a company here, or are just visiting.

I’ve had the FujiFilm X100F camera for a few days now and its really an easy camera to move around with. So much lighter and mobile than the XT2. Its size and weight make it really suited for travel photography. The last one I had wss really mistreated so I am determined to not put this one through the same weather rigors. If you’re looking for a camera that can be used for travel and a variety of other uses, the X100F is a great choice. Very powerful but all contained in a small and retro package that does not showcase the person too much. Hip shooting with the camera for the street is really good once you make some basic changes to the settings for aperture and ISO. I advise shooting on aperture priority and setting it to either F5.6 or F8 and forgetting it. Also set the auto ISO so you really do not have to worry about adjustments when you are on the move.

Finally, tomorrow I pack my backpack and then Tuesday morning make my way to the bus depot for my bus ride to Sihanoukville. All of this was planned and paid for months ago and I’m glad I do things this way. I had found the tickets and times much earlier and took care of booking the tickets. I’ll get in around noon to the bus station and make my way over to the Bungalow and be able to check out the town and beaches. I have a vision of slowing down by the beach, being able to work on my content for the story I am writing, and also doing my walks both on the roads that connect the different cities and beaches but also on the beaches themselves.

So there’s a few categories of things which have come up or that I decided I should capture and write about on the blog. I don’t know that I will write here again before I arrive in Sihanoukville on Tuesday.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.