Otres Village and Sihanoukville – First Day Thoughts and times

Its actually my second day here in Sihanoukville. I got in later yesterday so walked around a bit to kind of get familiar with Otres Village and had a few chores to run. Had to find a place to top-up my SIM card and then a small market to get some needed supplies. After that it was getting kinda close to sunset so I decided to walk back to the beach because I have not seen an ocean sunset since leaving home. The sunsets at Otres Village are fantastic. Here is one for you to check out I took with the Fuji camera last night.

Just a beautiful evening and sunset! After the sunset I went for dinner to Pops Pizza which is slightly mis-named since it actually seems to be mostly a BBQ place which cooks the food out front. I had the large steak dinner which you get with Cole slaw and potatoes cooked on the grill and some cold Angkor Beer. I spent $7 on the dinner for everything!

Today is a brand new day here so I will be leaving by 10am or so to have a later breakfast here in the village. There are lots of restaurants around my bungalow so its pretty easy to find a place to eat and coffee will definitely taste good. No more free breakfast in the mornings.

Sihanoukville is growing and construction mostly funded by the Chinese is causing a lot of growing pains here. I don’t think the local people benefit too much from either the construction work or the new hotels and a lot of casinos that are going in. I talked with a Cambodian staying at my hotel and he was telling me that much of the change only benefits the top 1% of the people here and hardly any filters down to the folks that live here. Otres is still kind of a sleepy little beach village but the dirt roads and friendly locals I think will soon change. By 2020 this area will be just another tourist zone catering to rich Chinese tourists that want to spend time by the beach and not see the local sights. All that will go away.

Now it has an interesting and compelling group of tourists here that walk the town, eat, drink, and see the sunsets. A few younger guys pointed out where to get my SIM card topped up. Others walk the small village roads to and from the different beach locales. I will go walk the beach today I think and take off the shoes and let these old feet feel the sand and sea water. I don’t remember the last time I did that. I can stroll up the beach for miles in either direction because Otres blends into another beach.

So that’s my first take on Otres. A small and charming little village where the food is good and the beer is cold and the people are still friendly. Unfortunately I don’t see it remaining that way as time goes on and as my neighbor said so much has already changed with the construction here.

I’m glad I’m visiting now. Its good to see what Otres still looks like with the small town ocean village flavor and the local restaurants.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.