Slower days in Sihanoukville – Beach, sand, water and feet

Catching up on a few other interesting topics besides the beach and how laid back the Otres Village is :-). I was thinking of a few things last night over my Chicken Lok Lak and beers.

Thing 1. I have no place to really be or time to get there any longer and when I go from a busy city like Phnom Penh to a sleepy beach village its hard to slow the pace down sometimes. I get used to tuk tuks taking me to all sorts of places, regular schedule of seeing the sights and sounds and people with the camera. A pace of things which while it’s not breakneck is faster. Now here in Sihanoukville, faced with a much slower pace of life I have to slow down. There is the ocean, the rather interesting group of people that live here, the food and beer. But wow! That ocean! That beach which stretches forever almost with water bath tub warm to walk in. I don’t swim much any more but the act of feeling sand and warm ocean water touching the skin and then slowly walking and taking photographs with the camera is never ending. Today, I’ll leave a bit later to enjoy the Thing 1 values and walk the beach in the afternoon to early evening. Get the steps in that make me feel good and take photos of the wonders of the beach, the little city life with dirt roads and friendly people, and then back for dinner to an end of another day of Thing 1 activities.

Thing 2. Writing longer content and having the time to do so. Now I have time to create more stuff. More written stuff. There’s a longer thing in there that sometimes I think wants out. I’ve pushed it to the bottom when I worked before. I had no real time to go off and just write or see where it would take me. Now I do. The times at the beach can catapult my writing back. I have written a few outlines for something longer that I won’t bore you with (yet). But its coming because now I have the time and ocean and sea breezes seem to be an outlet of sorts.

Finally Thing 3. The travel itself and looking at it. I guess at various times I think back on the 8 months gone and the places I’ve been to and am both thankful and amazed. I’ve watched others start and finish their travels while I was still in Vietnam. I watched yet others doing the long term travel count countries and continents. They are like badges of honor to some. You can read their bio’s on twitter like

30 countries and 5 continents in 90 days and still going

I don’t think I could do that pace. I move slower than that I fear. When I set this up for myself, I knew I did not want to just the road and have the countries enter and depart as the passport filled up. I don’t really want the passport to fill up. It’s fine the way it is now. Has an expired Vietnam visa and two Cambodian entries. So this Thing 3 has become not so much the travel which I still enjoy on buses and trains and airplanes; but the longer joys of being in-between and living. Strolling down the dirt street in front of my bungalow and getting the latte in the morning from the pretty girl that runs the latte shack, walking the ocean with no goals in mind, and then the beer and thoughts at night. Also the desire to create content is big for me now. Maybe a sub thing to this is the ability to find another place to go which sounds interesting and just booking that travel. I found Phu Quoc Island again the other day and decided I should splurge and stay a week at a nice resort there. Its a special economic zone so no real visa is needed. I found the mini-bus and the ferry ride back and a nice resort hotel to stay at for awhile.

In a final note of all this, I get to finally say goodbye to Bank of America. If you travel long term, do yourself a favor and do not get a BofA account. I decided to move my accounts to two banks and also had to wait to my social security direct deposit changed which took a few months. I have two checking accounts at completely different banks now. One is CapitolOne 360 for checking and a money market account. The other is Schwab. I truly think you want to have redundant accounts just in case something bad happens to a atm card. I also will never ever have credit cards again. They are the biggest rip off and scam and I am weak. I would just buy the thing on credit and then hate myself . In honesty I paid off two of them over 4 years because of my weakness. Never, ever again will I do them. If I cannot pay for a thing with cash or an ATM it ain’t worth it.

So, those were the things boiling up this morning when I walked to the Main Street to my local latte stand. Now in my room thinking that this day starts later today and I have a few hours before calling my daughter to perhaps read or write or dream. Maybe all three. No limits on any of them any longer.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.