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The next few weeks I am going to be doing some sightseeing downtown Sihanoukville for a day and then in about 1.5 weeks I go to Vietnam for a few days on a resort island. I don’t really plan on accomplishing much on Phu Quoc Island besides to get there and splurge on a nice room at a resort hotel and perhaps sit by the pool.

I got a really nice walk in today. The walking here is different and I have some choices. I can always walk around the ocean and Otres Beach is really long so it creates a nice walk from one end to the other. As I was getting back to today to the bungalow, the rains moved in and of course we had a power outage.

I wanted to mention a few things which come with power outages besides a bit of frustration. When one happens, you are forced back to basics so I read on my kindle or work on my story. Often I sit on the porch and listen to the rain falling or watching the sky going dark at sunset. I don’t really mind getting back to basics and having time to consider or do other things. Its not like I have some job like a digital nomad or ex-pat to get done. Really what I like is the basic internet service but when its gone; its gone. Getting angry d0es not bring it back.

Another thing with the power outages is that some hotels and restaurants have portable generators which makes comfort nice when one happens here. The hotels are more expensive and the restaurants are about the same price. I see the places that do have portable generators because the wifi hotspots remain up during the power outage :-). No jealousy here. I like what I have but it sure will be fun to splurge a bit in a week or so.

So that’s all the things with power and walking here for this day. Lets talk coffee. Down the street is one of my favorite little things here in Cambodia which are these little coffee shacks. The lady there has a beautiful smile and makes a really nice iced latte in the morning. There is a nice coffee place a bit further down the street as well that also does breakfast. Many of the other restaurants around here do about the same thing for breakfast which is this rather bad overcooking eggs and then charging more for bacon. I really dislike the breakfasts here so I don’t do them. Coffee too is bad and I’ve been served instant coffee but paid a bit more. Perhaps I am still spoiled with the coffee choices in Phnom Penh or Vietnam. In PP I could walk a block from the hotel and find another one of the coffee shacks and another block was a cute place that did both lunch and coffee and both of the people there spoke pretty good English. Ordering coffee does not require English tough. Its point and click thing.

But to me far beyond is the coffee culture in Vietnam. In all the places I found the most wonderful coffee shops but especially in Hanoi, Saigon, and Da Nang. In Saigon was one that made the best banana nut bread with warm butter. That and a latte was so perfect! I really miss that scene. Perhaps another reason I am going back to Vietnam.

Finally, I love reading on twitter the blogs of the travelers and their posts. The tribe there is pretty nice and people are heading in all different directions. But this whole monetization and ads and affiliate links sometimes really wears thin when the information on the blog is almost secondary to the desire to earn money . I know some folks that are still searching for a way to get better income while traveling indefinitely. I wish them the best in the endeavor. I’m just glad its not mine.

So tomorrow I go off to downtown and visit the market and perhaps eat there and then tuk tuk back in the evening. I may leave later in the day so I can eat dinner downtown somewhere for a change. I am probably gonna go sightseeing to visit the other beaches next week as well.

I’ll check back and post the latest album from here tomorrow when I get back from my trip to the big city!

Author: Michael Perry

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