2019 travels for this kid

I’m into my last two weeks here in Sihanoukville. Have some activities that will start Friday with a day tour so I can see some things here. Tours work for me some of the time since it lets me get away to a combination of places with little or no effort and I don’t worry about driving, parking, or even eating lunch that day. After the tour, Monday I head to Phu Quoc Island Vietnam for a week. Not really expecting to do much of anything there besides be at nicer resort and walk around town for a day or so. Then I get back sometime Friday. Whether I stay at the bungalow or somewhere before that I don’t know yet. Depends on the time.

On 12 November I do a boat cruise thing of the three islands which takes all day. They pick me up and drop me off at the hotel. I had wanted to do this and found one which was kind of expensive and did not include lunch. This one is cheaper and does include lunch. So I get to be out on the water all day seeing these islands. Sounds good!

After 12 November, I only have two days left and then I fly to Siem Reap for a month. I’m looking forward to seeing the Wats there, history, and other stuff.

After Siem Reap its Battambang for a month and then back to Phnom Penh for a week. I get my camera back then and will have a week to get a few things done like get a haircut and beard trim, go to a few restaurants I like, and prepare for the next 5 months on the road to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

5 Months to come…

Yeah, in January its the expensive but fun place Singapore for a week. I have some friends there to meet up with but most of all its the kickoff of 5 months on the road. I’ll spend 90 days in Malaysia starting in Kuala Lumpur and ending somewhere north. Then into Thailand where I have no idea where I will spend time yet besides a trip to Phuket.

2019 Travels and Planning

Its been fun to put together the wants part of things for the latter part of 2019. I think China is definitely in sight for some months. I need to be back to renew my visa in September so will be back in Phnom Penh to get that done.

The last part of 2019 is rather up in the air. I had thought of going back to Vietnam for the end of the year but the thing is I have been there. I could just as easily go back to Japan and do the trip I want there or go elsewhere. As it is now, friends want me to come back to Vietnam so I likely will go for some bit of time.

I also thought of a trip back stateside to see my daughter and some friends then. I could book the tickets way ahead of time and save some miles. The truth is I do not want to go back to the states. There is nothing there for me. I feel like when I got rid of that last stuff in Newark it included any desire to ever go back. It would be nice to see some people again there but the desire is really flagging at this point. I’d rather spend a longer time somewhere else that would cost less than a few weeks in California and Florida. My kids are not really asking and only one person has asked me to come back to see them.

I just feel like I’ve established a new home for myself and I could go just about anywhere for 90 days and stay on a tourist visa and be happy. Bali comes to mind :-). I also know just about that time its Diwali in India. A trip to India could definitely happen in September or October next year.

Author: Michael Perry

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