Kampot Notes, Photography, Fun!

I’ve been having a lot of fun here in Kampot lately wandering and taking photographs of buildings, markets, roundabout turns, and the riverside. The city is quite beautiful and sitting in the evenings with a few cold beers and just seeing the river and the lights on the bridges is. very peaceful and nice evening. Restaurants here are all over and offer international cuisine but I really like the Khmer food choices here the most. Just to get a sense of the diversity of the city, here is my photo album of Kampot!

Yesterday I wandered out the city road that eventually takes you out of the city and got to see how the city district transitions to more of a rural area. Fascinating views when you can walk out of a city and see things shift. I also walked to a few of the roundabouts which seem to be always decorated by statues or parks or even garden sites. Here there is one park area that starts at a market and runs blocks with sidewalks and small garden or open areas. Restaurants line the park areas and its also the tourist and backpacker area. Prices are very good for most things all over the city and smaller stores offer choices on water bottles, toiletry items, t shirts and clothing, souvenirs, and other stuff.

Initially I thought I would go to Ha Tien Vietnam but this is not to be due to an oversight perhaps my fault on the e-visa but there is no real time to fix it so I just will stay here for a few more days and then mini bus back to Sihanoukville and spend 2 days and leave for Siem Reap. I’ll be glad to leave Sihanoukville next week. Its kind of changing and not for the best. In Otres Village one hears the sounds of pile drivers and construction trucks all the through the night.

Photography Fun

There’s a sense when you read a lot of blogs and comments that photographers make that one must do certain things to become the photographer. The real truth is that there are no rules besides you can pay for your camera. The real thing is that it should be fun. If your camera drags you down or is so complex that you cannot actually do the things you want, then I don’t think you will use it for long.

Forget the whole method to doing it. If you wanna shoot your camera on automatic mode just do it. Gradually learn perhaps how aperture priority works which is what I use a lot on my Fujifilm X100F. I sometimes use manual focus if I am sitting still and zone focus on an area say 10m away or whatever. That’s a learning thing for me.

If you don’t want to edit RAW files, why shoot in RAW files at all? My argument is whatever slows you down will make things less fun. Take things in baby steps. If you never proclaim yourself as a photographer that is ok too. No one says to buy a camera you have to be one. I like to take pictures with my Fuji camera because its a fun and funky and retro style camera that is a great travelers camera. I think perhaps the best! I only shoot in JPEG and I use basic techniques like setting the camera to auto ISO in aperture priority mode when shooting busier scenes. I try to other times use an ISO setting which I think works but I will set the aperture for the amount of light from about F5.6 to F11. I think those are the sweet spots of the camera overall.

Finally if you camera gear weighs like 5 pounds and you are a walker like me in cities, you are gonna get tired. Tired of the weight and the backpack that drags you down. How about a smaller mirrorless camera like the Fuji X100F that can do your daily travel photography in a faster, easier way?

Getting Ready to Walk in the City…

Now its almost time to hit the road for some hours and end at a coffee shop for an iced coffee and people watch. Kampot is a fun city to just wander around and take photographs of things with no real regard for the things and just let the camera do the talking. Old buildings, fun roundabout turns, food, craft, and trade centers. It’s all here. Its another reason why I re-arranged my travel end of the year to get back here. I had thought I would hunker down in Phnom Penh for a home base but Kampot is much nicer for that. Its got both the small town feel plus a larger town environment.

Give it a shot sometime if you want a delightful, somewhat off the beaten track place with great food and friendly people and a whole bunch of nice places to stay.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.