Kampot to go!

Its Sunday in Kampot town! Tomorrow is my last day here and I walked over what is called the old bridge today to see the part of Kampot that is more rural across the bridge. I walked for about 3 hours and criss-crossed the area a few times on different roads and paths. It always feels good whether I decide to take photographs of what I see or not. Today I took lesser photographs. I then walked to this smaller bridge and walked back over to the old bridge and stopped at a mini-mart to get some ice cream and water. There is one in the city center area that I really like to visit because their water is always ice cold and the ice cream is not close to melting. After sitting for awhile at a table outside the store, its fun to watch others that either live or are traveling through. There are a lot of older folks like me here that I think have retired to Kampot to call it home. You can find a place to live here I think pretty easily.

If I were going to stay for longer periods than just a week, I would find a room I could rent for a few hundred dollars a month. I would not want an apartment because of the utilities and other charges. I would still eat all my meals out and also use free wifi at one of the many coffee shops or at the room. This is not what I want though. There is no desire to settle down for me. I just want to travel through the places albeit slowly and then leave. Just like I will leave on Tuesday for Sihanoukville. But my time even there is limited. On Thursday I fly to Siem Reap and begin a month there. That is going to be a highlight for me since it has so many historic sites to see and I would like to do one temple complex a week or something so will be asking the hotel to help me out.

I think Kampot has a bunch of stuff to recommend it if you are interested in finding a longer term place to stay. One of the things is that life is just slower here but there are things to do. Its a nice combination and the city is large enough to walk around if you want that kind of thing. The riverfront provides both the slowdown and the ability to see some beauty in the evenings. Another thing are the restaurants and pubs. If you want time out in the evenings, its easy to find a place to eat no matter the food you may look for. I’ve had some really good khmer food, Thai food, Chinese and tonight I will do a burger here. I think the food choices are another recommendation for Kampot. Another thing is while there is no airport directly adjacent getting to Phnom Penh is not so bad. It will take a few hours so if you are planning an international flight, you just factor in the need and let the guest house or hotel know your need. The Kampot Riverside Hotel, where I stay and will stay, will strive to help with transportation that you need.

Perhaps the final thing once you have the other things managed and are delighted by all the choices is the pace of life here as I mentioned on the slow down part. You can find a bench to sit on and read or take a walk or find hobbies here pretty easily. Many people enjoy an iced coffee in the mornings and peruse the phone. Cell services and wifi are pretty good here for the most part. There are some slowdowns even in the hotels but its kinda what you expect because its that way all over Cambodia really.

So, there you have it. If you are rushed to get to places, have a short time to find the 30 countries and the high level tourist places, Kampot may not be for you. If, on the other hand you have in mind a slower pace and perhaps want to get some time to really relax or just enjoy a different pace to life from a place like Phnom Penh this may be just what the travel agent ordered.

Give it some thought if you are considering a visit to Cambodia. You can do the Angkor Wat complexes and the historic sites here and there. How about a city that tempts you to slow down and stop counting passport stamps and entry visas? Kampot may be a thing to consider. Its an interesting and fun place and here’s the photo album just so you can get a feel of the place. There are other places to go as well. I will slowly see some of them. This time was about the city and surrounding areas for me and walking to see the city each day.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.